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The bourgeoisie and the opportunists together in the EU campaign against socialist Cuba

The president of GUE/NGL attends the awarding of the anticommunist “Sakharov Prize”

The concurrence of the bourgeoisie and the opportunists during the despicable ceremony where the president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz awarded “prize Sakharov” to Guillermo Fariñas, who as it has been proven has multifaceted connections with the USA, .....

Strike of PAME in Greece - starting point for new struggles

The strike on 16th July with the demonstrations against the multi-pronged law of the government of ND and PASOK in Athens and in 65 cities throughout the country has been the starting point for new struggles. This draft law threatens to smash any rights that have remained for the working people both in the private and public sector, .....

No land, no water for the murderers of the peoples!
Comment of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE on current issues

Itzedin fortress. The old Ottoman castle, 15 kilometres from the city of Chania (in Crete), which was constructed three centuries ago, with the aim of controlling the Suda bay, a basic launching pad for the naval fleets ...

19th Congress of the KKE

11-14 APRIL 2013

Mass and Combative demonstrations of PAME

Mass and Combative demonstrations of the All-workers’ Militant Front (PAME) were held in the evening of Thursday 11/7 in dozens of cities all over the country, against the new anti-people measures in the form of the multi-pronged draft law which ND-PASOK-EU-IMF are planning to the benefit of the big businessmen.....

Press Statement
On the arrests of Turkish militants

The KKE denounces the ongoing state repression and the persecution against organizations of the people’s movement, cadres and members of parties and organizations on the part of the Erdogan government....

“New Greece” with “old ingredients” and an obsolete “plan”
Comment of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE on current issues

The government and the Prime Minister A. Samaras decided to march with the “banner” of “constructing the New Greece”, which indeed elevated it into a ‘national duty”, via “reforms” that it is already implementing and predicted the “rise of the competitiveness of the national economy”...

22nd anti-imperialist camp of KNE

Thousands of young communists from all over Greece participated in the 22nd Anti-imperialist camp of KNE, which this year was held in Crete (near the city of Chania) and was combined with the dynamic and mass response of KNE against the imperialist war and Greece’s involvement in it. So an important moment of the....

On the Snowden Affair

The refusal of Spain, Portugal, France and Italy to allow the transit and refueling of the presidential airplane of Bolivia, endangering its safety, initially by invoking so-called “technical problems”, as well as the investigations carried out in the end by the Austrian authorities, in order to ascertain whether Snowden, the former employee of the NSA intelligence service, was onboard the airplane, are unacceptable and provocative acts......

Comment of the Press Office on the Developments in Egypt

The people’s mobilizations in Egypt very rapidly demonstrate that the political forces which prevailed in the so-called Arab Spring disappointed them. The people’s interests cannot be satisfied either by the Morsi government and the Muslim Brotherhood, which imposed an anti-worker political line to support the monopolies, or the section of the bourgeois class that at this moment is supporting the military coup.....

Withdrawal of the ministers of the “left-wing garnish”
Comment of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE on current issues

The issue of the state radio and television, its closure and reformation which was decided by the Prime Minister A. Samaras, did not leave the three-party government without “injuries”. So, the ministers of one of the three parties, the “Democratic Left” (DIMAR) left the governmental “train”. This party has not withdrawn its vote of confidence from the government ...

The KKE’s two-day event for immigrants in Athens was a success

The two-day of political and cultural events for Greek and immigrant workers, which was organized by the Attica Party Organization of the KKE, was held with a large participation in Fix Park in Patissia, one of the working class neighbourhoods of Athens with a high concentration of immigrants....

For the right of the peoples to choose the development path of their countries, Against imperialist war and capitalist exploitation.
Athens 20 June 2013

The “lack” of democracy or the revelation of its class nature?
Comment of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE on current issues

The closure of ERT, with the issuing of the legislative act and the suspension of its signal within a few hours, constitutes an escalation of the government’s authoritarianism. The harsher the measures which they are going to take on behalf of capital, the more authoritarianism increases on the part of the state,

Contribution of KKE to the 22nd International Communist Seminar of Workers’ Party of Belgium

Dear comrades,

We thank the WP of Belgium for once again hosting this international seminar which allows the exchange of views on crucial issues regarding the communist movement and the struggle of the labour movement.

The KKE against the destruction of the Thälmann monument

Ernst Thälmann, President of the Communist Party of Germany in the period 1924-1933 and leading figure of the international communist movement, whose murder was ordered personally by Hitler in August 1944 .....

A torrent of people’s solidarity

Yesterday the avenue in front of the headquarters of ERT was once again flooded by a big people’s torrent (which occupied all traffic lanes with its massed ranks) expressing the solidarity of the working people with the struggle of the state radio and television workers.....

The people do not bow their heads
Comment of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE on current issues

The sharpening of the repression, the escalation of the offensive on democratic and trade union rights and freedoms by the bourgeois class in the entire capitalist world is a component of the strategy in order to buttress its interests and power, in conditions of increasing popular discontent. It is the other aspect of the pro-capitalist restructurings.

24hr Strike in the public and private sector against the closure of the Public Television-ERT

PAME held a magnificent strike rally outside the headquarters of ERT in the framework of the 24hr general strike in the private and public sector”....


Intervention of G. Toussas, MEP of the KKE, in the Plenary Session of the European Parliament on the developments in Turkey

Georgios Toussas in his intervention, in the Plenary of the European parliament in Strasburg during a debate on the developments in Turkey, expressed the condemnation of the Communist Party of Greece regarding the brutal violence and repression of the Turkish Government by stating the following:....

The apprentice “Harry Potter” and Turkey

Comment of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE on current issues

The “intensive training” which the “official opposition” party (SYRIZA) has undergone over recent months is continuing at a frenetic pace, which in the name of the “governmental”....

Militant solidarity demonstration of the KKE and KNE with people and communists of Turkey

The Attica Party Organization of the KKE and the Attica Organization of KNE organized on the evening of the 3rd of June a militant rally and march in the centre of Athens in order to condemn of the Turkish bourgeois state’s repression of the popular demonstrations and at the same time to express solidarity with the struggling Turkish people and communists....

PAME wins the first place at the 28th Congress of the Centre of Athens Labor Unions

The “Democratic Militant Cooperation” (DAS), the list which includes communists and other class-oriented forces rallied in PAME, won the first place in the elections for the new Board of the Centre of Athens Labor Unions (EKA) that took place on 31st May and 1st June...

From racism to the criminalization of the communist ideology and the class struggle

Comment of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE on current issues

The initiative of the Minister of Justice in preparing an “anti-racist” draft law is provoking friction and disagreements inside the three-party government. Although the precise content of the draft law has not entered the public domain, an atmosphere has already been created, an impression of what it may contain through leaks and statements by political figures and bourgeois commentators.....

The decision of the EU regarding Syria is an escalation of the imperialist offensive at the expense of the Syrian people

The Press Office of the CC of the KKE in relation to the decision of the Council of the Foreign Ministers of the European Union regarding Syria issued the following statement (28/5). “The decision of the Council of the Foreign Ministers of the European Union, which officially paves the way for the supply of weapons to the so-called anti-regime forces in Syria by the EU member-states,....

Political Resolution of the 19th Congress of the KKE

The basic tasks of the KKE until the 20th Congress

The 19th Congress of the KKE was convened from the 11th to the 14th of April 2013. The workings were held at the headquarters of the CC of the party. The 19th Congress approved the Theses of the CC which include the report on the party’s work and its political tasks until the 20th Congress, taking into account the discussion and their approval by the general assemblies of the Party’s Base Organizations (PBOs) and the Conferences. It also approved the report of the CC at the 19th Congress as well as the report of work of the Central Auditing Committee (CAC).....

The donkeys are fighting in a stranger’s barn
Comment of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE on current issues

The Greek government is very actively trying to attract foreign investments, which of course will also strengthen the monopoly groups in Greece. 60 big businessmen from various sectors .....

...or watch the video
A call to rally for the collective bargaining agreements

The mobilizations which were organized yesterday in many Greek cities by the All-Workers’ Militant Front (PAME) on the 23/5, were mass and militant, a rallying call for the defence of the collective labour agreements., ...

The escalation of the antimonopoly - anti-capitalist struggle in the workplaces is the answer to the anti-people political line and State authoritarianism

The MEP of the KKE, Giorgos Toussas, denounced the intensification of the State repression and violence, the criminalization of the workers’ - people’s struggles by the EU and the bourgeois governments in its member states, ...

[The president of the SYRIZA party together with the president of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEB)]
Like birds of a feather…
Comment of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE on current issues

Because it is good for someone to learn even from his opponents, I want to remind you of a very well-known phrase of Lenin about the reconstruction of his country which had then been destroyed: Socialism equals Soviet Power plus electrification. This refers of course to a bygone era. Adapting this today’s historical conditions, we can say, with a pinch of arbitrariness that: Development equals democracy plus investments. Freedoms, social rights, fair pay, ...

“The poor South” against the “rich North”?

Blame our bloody fate!
Blame the God that hates us!
Blame our stupid heads!
Blame, more than anything else, the wine!
Who is to blame? Who is to blame?…no mouth
has answered this yet.

Article of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE on the Alter Summit in Athens and its dangerous aims

A new renovated version of the social forum, entitled the “Alter Summit”, is being prepared in this period. It is scheduled to be held in Athens on the 7-9 of June. The choice of Athens is not accidental. SYRIZA will host it. SYRIZA is the opportunist party in Greece that is rapidly being transformed into a modern social-democratic party....

Event on the Anniversary of the Great Anti-fascist Victory

We learn and we prepare, with a KKE capable of struggling in all conditions, in all seasons.

“We are inspired, We learn, We continue… and we will be victorious.” This was the slogan-pledge of the participants at the event of the KKE in Athens on the anniversary of the Great Anti-fascist Victory. It was an event of the Attica Party Organization of the KKE on Thursday 9/5, truly large in size, with the special presence of young people, as well as of militants from the Resistance...

Mass and dynamic Mayday strike rallies of PAME in Athens and 80 other Greek cities.

The Mayday strike rally of PAME in Syntagma Sq., outside the parliament, was mass and dynamic, sending the message that this strike battle was dynamically and tirelessly waged by the workers, the unemployed and the militant rallies of the self-employed (PASEVE), the poor farmers (PASY), the students (MAS) and the women (OGE) ...

The CC of the KKE organized a two-day Scientific Conference of Bertolt Brecht

The two-day Scientific Conference organized by the CC of the KKE on the leading intellectual, playwright, poet and director, Bertolt Brecht was concluded on Sunday afternoon (28/4). The GS of the CC of the KKE, cde Dimitris Koutsoumpas made a greetings speech at the conference as well as the Secretary of the CC of KNE, Theodoris Chionis. The Conference was held in Athens, in the packed conference hall of the CC of the KKE. A rich programme of activity had been organized by the CC of the KKE in all the previous months, with theatrical productions, film showings of B. Brecht’s works which were attended by thousands of workers who came into contact with the important work of the German communist writer, poet and playwright.

46 years since the military dictatorship of the 21st April

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, spoke at the event of the Attica Party Organization with the theme “46 years since the military dictatorship of the 21st of April” .......

When the forces of the Party of the European Left and opportunism support the partition of Cyprus

Οn the framework of the discussion of Turkey’s progress report, regarding the Cypriot question in the European Parliament last week, the Green group, represented by Daniel Cohn-Bendit, denounced the EU because it did not pressure Cyprus for re-unification. .......

Immediate response of the communists and the working class

“Greek and foreign workers united” “profits bathed in the blood of the workers in all Greece and Manolada” “The law is what is right for the workers” were the slogans shouted by the Greek and foreign workers in the centre of Nea Manolada as well as in Athens, Thessalonica, Giannena,.......

Student elections 2013: significant strengthening of the militant forces

On the 17th of April 2013 the elections were held for the executive committees of the student unions. The lists of Panspoudastiki KS which are supported by the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) witnessed a significant increase.......

The KKE and PAME denounce the murderous attack against immigrant workers

Immigrant agricultural workers were attacked on the 17/4 by the big landowners and foremen in Manolada in Elis , because they were struggling for the payment of their wages......

The 19th Congress of the KKE successfully completed its work

Dimitris Koutsoumpas is the new GS of the CC

The discussions and the votes for the decisions of the 19th Congress of the KKE were held in an atmosphere of ideological-political unity and after substantial elaborations.....

The Presentation of the Report of the CC of the KKE to the 19th Congress

On the 11th of April, the Centtral Committee of the KKE opened the workings of the 19th Congress of the Communist party of Greece. Messages of Greetings have been sent by 93 parties from all over the world (

The workings were opened by the presentation of the Report of the CC by the GS of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga. The speech was as follows:

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 11, the opening of the 19th congress of the KKE.

77 Parties have sent Messages of Greetings to the 19th Congress

Tomorrow, Thursday, the session of the 19th Congress of the KKE will begin with a presentation of the report of the Central Committee by the General Secretary of the Central Committee, Aleka Papariga.

Against opportunism, for socialism, to build the Communist Party
Speech of the KKE in the internationalist event of the party “Communists-People’s Left-Communist Party of Italy”

On the 6th of April an internationalist event was held in Rome, organized by the CP of Italy-Communists-People’s Left. Elisseos Vagenas, member of the CC and responsible for the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE, represented the KKE at the event. His speech was as follows:

Message to the CP India (Marxist) on the murder of a student unionist

The KKE most categorically denounces the savage murder of Sudipta Gupta, member of the West Bengal State Committee of the Student Federation of India, during his transportation while being detained by the Indian police...

The KKE is marching to its 19th Congress…


The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) will hold its 19th Congress on the 11-14 of April in Athens. The preparations for the Congress are in their final phase.
In a 4-month period the communists were able to discuss the activity of the party over the previous period, the tasks of the KKE for the following period and the party’s new draft Programme and its new draft Statutes.

Immediate release of the 5 Cuban patriots

To the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
To the Embassy of the United States in Belgium
To the Embassy of Cuba in Belgium

Statement of the Central Committee of the KKE in relation to the developments in Cyprus

The KKE denounces the Eurogroup’s decision on Cyprus and expresses its solidarity with the Cypriot people so that they can face the anti-people measures which are being organized against them.

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