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The KKE against the destruction of the Thälmann monument

Ernst Thälmann, President of the Communist Party of Germany in the period 1924-1933 and leading figure of the international communist movement, whose murder was ordered personally by Hitler in August 1944 in the Buchenwald concentration camp, still worries the bourgeois class and its representatives, even in the form of a monument. We are referring to the memorial that was erected in Ernst Thälmann Park, in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, a working class neighbourhood in East Berlin, on the occasion of 100 year anniversary of the birth of the German revolutionary in 1986. The monument was the work of the famous Soviet sculptor Lev Kerbel.

The Liberal Party (FDP) has taken up the baton of anti-communism in this period, a governmental partner of the Christian Democrats, which called a protest “action” against the monument and its symbolic blowing up. The reaction of the German Communist Party was immediate, which together with the Initiative Committee of residents for the conservation of the monument and other organizations gathered to denounce this anti-communist provocation. Members and friends of the KKE, while a representative of the party made a short greetings speech to the rally, and referred to the importance of lessons from the experience of the revolutionary movement being kept alive today. Despite the fact that the paltry number of “liberal” anti-communists were protected by numerous police forces, their “action” was cancelled.

The workers who defend the heroes of the revolutionary movement afterwards sang the “Internationale” in German and Greek, while they made it clear that they remain in a state of readiness. The efforts of the anti-communists will continue, as their “passion” in removing the names and symbols of the revolutionary movement from Berlin and elsewhere is combined with their activity which is directed to serve the opening of the way for capital and the capitalist interests, which have set their sights on building luxury apartments in the place where the park is.


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