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Joint Statement of the Regional Meeting of the Communist and Workers’ Parties

We, the Communist and Worker’s parties from Algeria, Cyprus, Greece, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, which participated in the Regional Meeting, organized at the initiative of the KKE in Athens on the 20th of June 2013, discussed the dangerous situation which is being formed in our region, focussing our attention on:

The imperialist aggressiveness and the intense competition over the control of the energy reserves, the transport routes, the market shares.

The development of the joint activity of the communist and workers’ parties, the working class and the popular strata against the imperialist interventions and threats in order to deal with the danger of a new imperialist war.

The imperialists are seeking, each one for its own interests, to acquire the dominant role in the region, using every means, using threats, interventions and wars against the people’s in the region.

The USA, the EU, NATO and Israel are playing a particularly negative role in the developments, as well as the bourgeois classes of Turkey and of the monarchies of the Gulf States.

These developments the imperialist wars in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libya have caused thousands of dead and injured people, a great deal of destruction against the people and in the future the may provoke even greater bloodshed and material destruction, creating much suffering for the peoples. They are accompanied by the operation to repress the working class and popular struggles in Turkey, Greece, Iran, Egypt and other countries.

We, the communist and workers’ parties condemn decisively the imperialist intervention of the USA, the EU and their partners in the region at the expense of Syria and its sovereign rights.

We are against any kind of foreign imperialist intervention at the expense of Iran including the harsh economic sanctions which are imposed on the people of Iran. We support the struggle of the Iranian people for labour, popular and democratic rights and we demand the legalisation of the activity of Tudeh Party of Iran.

We express our solidarity with the struggle of the Jordanian people.

We, the communist and workers’ parties address ourselves to the working class, the peoples of our region and stress that the promotion of their interests requires the development of an organized, coordinated struggle for the working class-people’s rights, the joint struggle against the monopolies and the exploitative capitalist system.

We call on them to defend the right of the Syrian and Iranian peoples and all the other peoples to choose their own path of social and political development, the path that corresponds to their interests, to develop a multi-faceted activity so as to prevent the imperialist war against the peoples of Syria and Iran.

They must condemn the outlawing or restriction of the activity of the communist and workers’ parties, as well as the restriction of trade union, democratic rights and freedoms.

They must reject the pretexts which the imperialists are using in order to justify their interventions and wars, they must strengthen their struggle against the bourgeois class in each country, the struggle to eradicate the causes which give rise to the imperialist wars, to abolish all nuclear weapons, so that the peoples can live in peace.

They must impede through their struggle the utilization of their countries (territories, airspace, national waters) for the unleashing of imperialist strikes.

The interests of the peoples are in opposition to the anti-people political line of the bourgeois governments which serve the interests of the plutocracy. The peoples are not responsible for the choices of the governments of the various states.

We, the communist and workers’ parties express our solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people with all forms of struggle and demand the withdrawal of the Israeli army from all the occupied Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese territories, the complete dissolution of the settlements which were constructed outside the borders of 1967, the creation of a Palestinian state with the 1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital.

We express our opposition to the so called “exchange of territories” at the expense of the Palestinian people.

We demand the solution of the refugee issue. The return of the Palestinian refugees based on resolution 194 of the UN General Assembly and also according to the other resolutions of the UN Security Council.

We demand the lifting of the Israeli blockade of Gaza, the immediate release of all Palestinian political prisoners and political prisoners of other nationalities from Israel.

We express our solidarity with the struggle of the Greek people against the assault of capital in order to place the burden of the capitalist crisis onto the shoulders of the working class, the popular strata.

We express our solidarity with the Cypriot people who are being sorely tested by the capitalist crisis and the anti-people memorandum and we support their struggle for a just and viable solution to the Cyprus problem which will lead to the end of the occupation and the reunification of Cyprus in the framework of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation, with a single nationality and a single international identity, without foreign bases and protectors. We are opposed to the plans regarding the integration of Cyprus into NATO’s “Partnership for Peace” and into NATO.

We express our solidarity with the working class and popular forces of Turkey, who are struggling for their rights, and are coming face to face with the violence and repression of the bourgeois state and the Turkish government, in the conditions of the sharpening class struggle. We, the Communist and Workers’ Parties, support the efforts of the CP of Turkey to organize the workers’ struggle, to change the correlation of forces and to develop the class struggle in the direction of the socialist perspective.

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