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No land, no water for the murderers of the peoples!

Comment of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE on current issues

Itzedin fortress. The old Ottoman castle, 15 kilometres from the city of Chania (in Crete), which was constructed three centuries ago, with the aim of controlling the Suda bay, a basic launching pad for the naval fleets of the period for their operations in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In the 21st century, the US-NATO base at Suda lies a short distance from the castle of Itzedin. This is an enormous naval and air-force base of the imperialists, which is a place for refueling and a launching pad for their naval forces and for their air-force, as it functions as an “unsinkable aircraft carrier” for the US-NATO planes. A base that is equipped with the most modern instruments for electronic war. It played an important role in the recent imperialist war against Libya, as well as now against Syria, and of course it will have a “key” role in the instance of an attack against Iran.

This year thousands of young communists, members and friends of the Communist Youth of Greece, chose this place for their Anti-imperialist camp, which took place on 5-7 of July, to express their opposition to the imperialist war, to the involvement of the country in the imperialist plans and interventions. For the disentanglement of the country from the imperialist organizations, NATO and the EU and from capitalist barbarity as a whole, something that can only be ensured by working class-people’s power.

Thousands of young communists with the slogan “No land, no water for the murderers of the peoples!” surrounded both the air-force and the naval base, expressing the feelings of all the country’s militant youth. It was a “j’accuse” of the working and student youth of Greece against capitalism, which gives rise the competition between the monopoly businesses and between strong or less powerful capitalist states over the control of the raw materials, the transport routes for energy and the other commodities (pipelines, ports, roads, railways and sea lanes). Competition, which causes imperialist wars for the profits of capital.

With the slogan “The imperialists are re-dividing the earth, they are tracing out the borders with the blood of the peoples”, the demonstrators revealed once again to the workers of the region the danger of the imperialist wars and the tribulations which the dismembering of states can bring for the peoples, in the framework of the competition and the new “balances” amongst the capitalist powers.

Of course, the young communists during the 2-3 days when they were in the Suda region, not only demonstrated but also discussed the developments in the country and the region of the Eastern Mediterranean, with the participation of the representative of the Youth of the TKP, and listened to the positions of the KKE outlined in the speech of the GS of the CC of the party, but, as befits young people, they also danced, sang, had fun, swam in the sea, played football, basketball etc, they slept in tents which they had set up under the pine trees.

Amongst the many events organized, there was a visit of school students of KNE to the Itzedin Fortress. And this is because this fortress had been used from the early 19th century onwards as a prison by Greece’s bourgeois class, as a place of torture for many thousands of communists and other militants. The school students, who were present had the opportunity to learn about Greece’s contemporary history, but not as it is described in the school books, but from ‘eye-witnesses’, veteran communists, who had been inmates in this hell-hole. It was a “lesson” about an unwavering attitude to life, from those who in very difficult periods “did not bow their heads”! The slogan which resounded in the massive stone walls of the Fortress was: “Neither in the islands of exile, nor in the prisons, did the communist ever bend”!


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