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The KKE and PAME denounce the murderous attack against immigrant workers

Immigrant agricultural workers were attacked on the 17/4 by the big landowners and foremen in Manolada in Elis , because they were struggling for the payment of their wages.

They wounded over 33 workers (8 seriously), cold-bloodedly shooting them, because they were struggling for their wages.

The KKE denounces the murderous attack against the immigrants, agricultural workers by the big land-owners and foremen in Manolada, Elis, because they were struggling for the obvious, the payment of their wages. The attack resulted in thirty three of them being wounded, eight of them seriously.

This is not the first time that something like this has happened in the specific area. The government and local authorities in this area bear very serious responsibilities regarding the contemporary slave market and the inhuman working conditions of the immigrant workers which lead to phenomena like today’s criminal attack against them.

This specific event, when the bosses and their thugs attacked the workers who are struggling for their rights, reminds us of other eras and confirms that the system today, capitalism, entails barbarity. Greeks and foreign workers, united like a fist, must fight against this barbarity and the system that creates it.

The All-militant Workers’ Front (PAME) mentioned in relation to the attack in Manolada:

“The immigrant agricultural workers in Manolada are on the receiving end not only of state and but also employer intimidation on a daily basis. They work without any protective measures and without social-security cover. They live in terrible conditions and without any measures for their health and medical care. Today they were attacked in a murderous way, when the employers’ thugs opened fire on them. This resulted in 28 of them being taken to hospital.”

A protest and solidarity rally is being organized by the KKE on Thursday 18/4, 4 o’clock in the afternoon, in the central square of Manolada.


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