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Event on the Anniversary of the Great Anti-fascist Victory

We learn and we prepare, with a KKE capable of struggling in all conditions, in all seasons.

“We are inspired, We learn, We continue… and we will be victorious.” This was the slogan-pledge of the participants at the event of the KKE in Athens on the anniversary of the Great Anti-fascist Victory. It was an event of the Attica Party Organization of the KKE on Thursday 9/5, truly large in size, with the special presence of young people, as well as of militants from the Resistance, with a militant atmosphere and excellent content. It was held at the Skopeftirio of Kaisariani, a place which is symbolic of the struggle that crushed the forces of fascism. This was the place where 200 communists were executed by the fascists in 1944.

Similar events were held in dozens of cities all over Greece.

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, who laid flowers at the memorial of the executed communists in the Skopeftirio, attended the political-cultural event at the head of a large delegation of the party.

Christos Tsintzilonis, President of PEAEA-DSE (organization of resistance fighters) greeted the event. There followed a musical-theatrical performance dedicated to the anti-fascist struggle of the peoples which had the communists at its heart, the enormous contribution of the Soviet Union and the Red Army.

The central speaker was Kostas Paraskevas, member of the PB of the CC and Secretary of the Attica Party Organization and he noted amongst other things:

“At the same time, we seek to provide an answer, as is our obligation, against the enormous coordinated offensive of the black propaganda and lies of the imperialist centres regarding the “re-writing of history”, the attempt to equate communism with fascism. This is the dirtiest campaign of slander. They know that they cannot damage the moral standing of the communist movement…

The fascist monster both then and now is a creation of the capitalist system, it rises from the bowels of the system. They want to present it as being something different, but this is not the case. Fascism is the extreme voice of capital which is used and utilised for as long as the demands of capital cannot be satisfied in the conditions of bourgeois parliamentary democracy as well as in the strategy of redistributing the markets.”

He also stressed that : “It has been borne out that the objective conditions, that the economic crisis and the more general crisis of the bourgeois system do not lead on their own to developments in favour of the people. On the contrary, they can also lead to reverses in the consciousness and to the emergence of reactionary mass movements. It has been demonstrated by much incontrovertible evidence that fascism was choice of the bourgeois classes., not only as a an attack force or to spread fear at the expense of the people’s movement, but also as a force to manage the bourgeois power (…) Golden Dawn can not be faced by the so-called anti-fascist front, or the front of the “constitutional arc”, but by the antimonopoly anti-capitalist movement, which calls into question the strategy of the monopolies and therefore also the imperialist war whoever it is unleashed by, whether it be aggressive of defensive in the service of the same interests.

Golden Dawn will be dealt with by the People’s Alliance of the workers, poor farmers and self-employed. This alliance will fight against liberalism, social-democracy and the national socialism of Golden Dawn. This is the solution and not the alliance with bourgeois parties and social-democracy, old and new.”

At the end of the speech, he highlighted amongst other things: “The KKE has the experience because it led the struggle of the National Resistance, the Democratic Army of Greece and gave strength and inspiration to the people. It has learnt from its mistakes. One of the most important lessons is that the communist and workers’ movement must be ideologically, politically and organizationally prepared, regardless of the turning points of the movement, it must be ready to struggle for and conquer power.”


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