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Message to the CP India (Marxist) on the murder of a student unionist

The KKE most categorically denounces the savage murder of Sudipta Gupta, member of the West Bengal State Committee of the Student Federation of India, during his transportation while being detained by the Indian police. The student unionist had been arrested during the mobilizations of the student organizations which demanded real student elections.

Both the bourgeois government of West Bengal as well as the Indian Federal Government have major political responsibilities for the murder of the young militant, as well as for the wider climate of intimidation and murderous attacks against the communists and their allies which prevails in the state, where in the short period after the 2011 elections almost 100 murders of members and cadres of the CP India (Marxist) have taken place. It has been demonstrated once again that the offensive against the people’s rights has the striking against communists and the restriction of democratic freedoms and rights as an essential component.

The KKE expresses its condolences and its solidarity with the CP India (Marxist), the Student Federation of India, and particularly the family of Sudipta Gupta and unites its voice with the just demand for the exemplary punishment of those responsible for his murder.

The KKE will support solidarity events and protests which will be held in the next few days regarding the murder of the student.

4 April 2013

International Relations Section of the Central Committee of the KKE


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