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[18.04.2008] About the new anti-communist attack in the EU

by Rizospastis
The European Commission has proceeded to a new act of provocation against the peoples of the EU and the popular movements, by undertaking the task “to examine and to report to the Commission within two years after the entry into force of the Framework Decision, whether an additional instrument is needed, to cover publicly condoning, denying or grossly trivialising crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes directed against a group of persons defined by other criteria than race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin such as social status or political convictions”.

By rewriting history and imposing decisions that adjust historical issues to the necessities and designs of the imperialist forces, the initiators of the motion aim to intensify the anti-communist hysteria in EU. They are trying to find the most adequate way to impose it in order to equate fascism with communism. They want to convince people that the communists acted not for the benefit of the peoples but on the basis of ethnic differences. They are targeting the communist parties, the class struggle and the popular movements so as to safeguard capitalism, its power and its reactionary policies.

It’s the European Parliament Socialist Group which raised this. The promoters are Martin Schulz and seven more MEPs (Hannes Swoboda, Jan Marinus Wiersma, Helmut Kuhne, Miguel Angel Martínez Martínez, Justas Vincas Paleckis, Józef Pinior and Libor Rouček). The Commission will make statements related to the issue and will introduce it for discussion to the European Parliament plenary session on 21 April.

The summit of EU Justice Ministers reached some time ago an agreement on a Framework Decision under the pretext of combating certain forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia dealing with crimes such as “incitement to hatred and violence and publicly condoning, denying or grossly trivialising crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes as defined in the Statute of the International Criminal Court and the Tribunal of Nuremberg”. The MEPs from the socialist party in their Question raise the issue whether EU, after this summit, is willing to include as well “crimes committed by totalitarian regimes, which are explicitly not covered”. Obviously, they are trying to equate the struggle of the working class with the above mentioned crimes.

Furthermore, they invite the Commission to give an answer to the question “in what way they intend to enhance the debate on crimes committed by totalitarian and authoritarian regimes in Europe’s history of the 20th century, including both the Nazi and Stalinist regimes as well as ultranationalist, authoritarian and antidemocratic pre- and post-war regimes responsible (albeit on a different scale) for suppression, murder and crimes against humanity”… For anyone is clear that this approach is needed precisely in order to justify the attack against socialism and the struggle of the working class. This is more obvious having in mind that Latvia and Estonia were welcomed in the EU in spite of praising Nazism.

In addition, the Council of Justice and Home Affairs demanded a public hearing on “crimes of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by totalitarian regimes as well as those who publicly condone, deny, grossly distort or trivialise them, and emphasizes the need for the appropriate redress and, if appropriate, submit a proposal for a framework decision on these crimes”…

EU has taken action by organising a “public hearing” under the Slovenian presidency and the European Commission regarding this issue. Efforts were made on the need the related propaganda to focus on the “information and promotion of public awareness” upon these “crimes”, as well as on those who openly tolerate them, do not consider them as crimes and distort them or diminish their weight … What they’re actually trying to do is to criminalise the defence of socialism and the struggle against the capitalist interventions and designs.

The whole attempt began with the “terrorist” resolution of the Council of Justice and Home Affairs. It was raised by the Socialist Group and was argued on the basis of a public hearing and a discussion on the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasburg. It requires “specific measures” to be taken and “statements of repentance” to be issued by countries, people and single persons. For us is clear that their intention is all these who oppose EU and the imperialist plans to be considered to be criminals.

In addition, is noted that the issue that “some people” – in clear text the Communist Parties– hesitate to repent and condemn –mainly– communism due to their class point of view and their political beliefs. Those as well will be characterised as “terrorists” because during socialism, especially during the governance of Stalin, as they claim, no class criteria were taken into consideration; it was a policy that implemented the extermination of nations… It is clear that in the name of protecting the nations they defend the capitalists against whom the socialist power fought, in the framework of class struggle, in order to fortify working people against the bourgeoisie. It is more than evident that their intention is to attack the working class and the CPs that lead a social-political struggle in order to overthrow capitalism. Nevertheless, the class struggle and the political struggle in order to move forward from capitalism to socialism are objective and inevitable.

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