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photos / videos 2006

12.12.2006 Parliamentary delegation from Lebanon visited Greece

23.11.2006 On the occasion of the official visit of the President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus in Greece, various actions of solidarity with the Czech communists and in protest to the persecutions in Czech Republic took place.

17.11.2006 Thousands participate in the commemorations of the polytechnic Uprising

10-12.11.2006 International meeting of communist and workers' parties, Lisbon 2006

25.10.2006 Mass demostrations in all the major cities requiring for a public education for free, for all.
More than 1000 schools are sit-ins by students

19.10.2006 KNE protest at the Czech Embassy

06.10.2006 The teachers of primary schools continue their strike for the 4th week

02.07.2006 Ceremony of a memorial commemorating the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the Democratic Army of Greece

29.06.2006 Protest demonstration against israeli attacks in Gaza by KKE, KNE, PAME and EEDYE in all major cities

29.06.2006 Students Protest rally at Parliament

15.06.2006 Mass rallies and mobilizations of students against the new bill for the public tertiary education



15.06.2006 National day of action for the social security and pension systems, oganized by PAME in more than 60 major cities

08.06.2006 National-wide mobilization

01.06.2006 Students protesting education law and privatisation of universities

12-14.05.2006 The 9th congress of Communist Youth of Greece (KNE)

10.05.2006 A mass event for the 60 years since the foundation of WFDY

04.05.2006 M.Theodorakis meets Aleida Guevara

25.04.2006 KKE protests Condoleezza Rice's visit to Greece

13.04.2006 National Strike organised by PAME

08-09.04.2006 European meeting on education issues

24.01.2006 March in the center of Strasbourg

24.01.2006 Press Conference in protest of the anticommunist motion

19.01.2006 Mass Demonstration Against The Anti-Communist Motion

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