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photos / videos 2010

[15.12.2010] 15 December: Massive Strike Mobilization

[17.11.2010] Mass anti-imperialist demonstrations honoured the 37th anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising

[15.11.2010] Mass rallies of KKE against the government and the troika

[03.11.2010] Central pre-election rally of the KKE in Athens

[02.11.2010] Pre-election rally of the KKE in Thessalonica

[15.10.2010] The immediate response of the communists of Greece to the “seminars” of anticommunism.

[24.09.2010] Mass demonstrations against increases in fuel, electricity and water supply rates

....for printable photos please click here

[16 to 18.09.2010] Festival KNE-Odigitis: A big political and cultural festival of the youth

[11.09.2010] Demonstration of PAME at the International Trade Fair in Thessaloniki

[16.08.2010] Demonstration on the occasion of the visit of the Prime minister of Israel which took place yesterday afternoon in Athens

... video from the strike on 08.07.2010

[08.07.2010] Strike of PAME on 08/07: Workers’ direct militant response to the demolition of the social security system from the strike on 29.06.2010

[29.06.2010] Strike of PAME on 29/6: Huge success of the strike of PAME from the strike of PAME on 23/6

[23.06.2010] Strike of PAME on 23/6: A resolute response to the capital and its supporters from KKE and KNE militant protest at the Polish embassy in Greece
...видео: КПГ и КМГ Боевой Протест

[08.06.2010] Against the anti-communist measures in Poland from the massive and dynamic demonstrations, organized by PAME, in Athens and other 55 cities throughout Greece,on June 1

[01.06.2010]People's counterattack against all aspects of capitalist barbarity from the strike of PAME on May 20, 2010

[20.05.2010]Strike on May 20: Another successful battle of PAME from the huge rally of KKE in Athens on May 15, 2010 or here

[15.05.2010]Huge Rally of KKE in Athens

[06.05.2010]new dynamic demonstrations of PAME one day after the massive strike demonstrations on the huge demonstration in Athens, May 5

[05.05.2010]Strike and Protest Rallies organised by PAME

[04.05.2010]Message of counterattack from the Acropolis rock

[01.05.2010]Workers' May Day

[21-22.04.2010]48-hour strike of PAME

[20.04.2010]48-hour strike on April 21-22

[08.04.2010]Mass rallies of PAME against tax-plundering

[01.04.2010]New mobilizations of PAME


[28.03.2010]PASY honours the 100th anniversary of sharecroppers uprising in Kileler

[28.03.2010]Al. Papariga on the decisions of the EU as regards Greece

[26.03.2010]Seminar on "The role of Communists in the Struggle for the Parity and Emancipation"


[04.03.2010]The severe permanent anti-people measures must not pass!

[01.03.2010]Event marking the International Women’s Day

[19.02.2010]KKE protests NATO Conference in Greece

[24.02.2010]General strike organised by PAME

10.02.2010 Strike organised by PAME

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