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Mass and Combative demonstrations of PAME

Mass and Combative demonstrations of the All-workers’ Militant Front (PAME) were held in the evening of Thursday 11/7 in dozens of cities all over the country, against the new anti-people measures in the form of the multi-pronged draft law which ND-PASOK-EU-IMF are planning to the benefit of the big businessmen.

“We give our answer with organization, a struggle for counterattack until the final victory. This is our path.” With this slogan and demanding the immediate withdrawal of the multi-pronged draft law, yesterday evening thousands of people responded to PAME’s call and participated in the demonstration organized in Athens, in Syntagma Sq.

PAME’s demonstration all over the country were the best preparation for the tough confrontation which will be waged in the workplaces next Tuesday 16/7, when there will be a general strike declared by PAME. The new measures which are being prepared by the government with the multi-pronged draft law include thousands of dismissals, with as its immediate victims 2,300 school guards, 3,500 municipal police officers and 2,000 teachers by September, the transfer of public sector workers via ministerial decisions, a new assault on the people’s incomes through a new tax system, the abolition of the National Pay Agreement and sectoral labour contracts, the abolition of permanent contracts. While new cuts are being promoted in health, welfare. The freeing up of dismissals, the abolition of Sunday as a holiday and the restriction of demonstrations in the centre of Athens, based on the number of demonstrators, are being attempted this summer.

The trade-unionists of PAME who spoke at the demonstration yesterday stated their determination to intervene in the workplaces so that the strike will be successful, for the rights which satisfy the contemporary needs of the workers and their families, for the resistance and rejection of the anti-worker plans which are directly promoted by the government.

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, made the following statement at PAME’s demonstration in Syntagma:

“Unfortunately, no day passes, which does not bring new – increasingly more barbaric-measures against the people. The alarm must be sounded everywhere. Workers of the public and private sector, workers in all the companies all over the country, self-employed, unemployed, young men and women, pensioners, must all together take to the streets, like a fist. So that we can be finally liberated once and for all from the memoranda, from the bosses. A People’s Alliance in order to build a new society. This is also the message of tonight’s demonstration and the next militant strike mobilizations in the days to come.”


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