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Like birds of a feather…

Comment of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE on current issues

Because it is good for someone to learn even from his opponents, I want to remind you of a very well-known phrase of Lenin about the reconstruction of his country which had then been destroyed: Socialism equals Soviet Power plus electrification. This refers of course to a bygone era. Adapting this today’s historical conditions, we can say, with a pinch of arbitrariness that: Development equals democracy plus investments. Freedoms, social rights, fair pay, workers’ participation. Plus entrepreneurship, innovation, planned investment of resources and labour force in sector that push the economy and the country forwards.” A. Tsipras, leader of the leftwing “SYRIZA” said this amongst other things as one of the main guests at the General meeting of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEB).

The invocation of Lenin at a gathering of industrialists was provocatively tailored by the President of SYRIZA for the industrialists, for the measures of management of capitalism, which the he himself wants to undertake.

Of course in reality, the development of the socialist economy in the workers’ state that arose from the great October Revolution had to be based on Soviet Power and the electrification, i.e. the safeguarding of sufficient energy resources, in a then backward economy, like that of Tsarist Russia. The socialization of the means of production is what gave the workers the keys to the economy in order to achieve great things at an economic and social level, having thrown the capitalists out of production. Now, SYRIZA as a genuine guide of the bourgeois, has come to …”teach” us about Lenin in line with their own thinking, saying that the contemporary message of Leninist theory is healthy capitalism! The bourgeois themselves would not have dared to distort Lenin in this way…

Tsipras has not only confirmed the degeneracy of the opportunists, but demonstrates how ruthless they are in their effort to devalue in the consciousness of the people the “obsolete”, according to them, socialism which we knew and to tailor it to the needs of bourgeois management, which they are begging the capitalists to choose them to manage.

The invocation of Lenin by A. Tsipras was answered by the President of the Greek industrialists who invoked … Marx! “As Marx would say (I paraphrase a well-known saying of his), we are not philosopher, so that we can simply interpret the situation which the country is in. We must transform it- we must reconstruct it (…) Marx himself always believed that production, and industry in particular, are the expression of the “most essential forces of man”. And in SEB we absolutely agree with him”…

Marx of course used to say that the capitalist parasites, such as those of SEB, must be thrown into the dustbin of history, through a social revolution, which will take the power and the ownership of the means of production away from them. As he also said that the vehicle for the world’s change cannot be the old, the capitalists, but the new, the workers and their allies from the popular strata. Of course SEB does not agree with this at all. In any case it is for this reason that it feels certainty with SYRIZA, which is a party for the management of capitalism and as such is welcome at its gatherings, along with the other bourgeois parties.

As the people say “They are like birds of a feather”… something that the President of SYRIZA demonstrated in his own way, when apart from anything else, he appeared at the congress of big capital as the “herald” of class conciliation, saying that: “social consensus and stability are really the oxygen of the economy. The inability to guarantee it is what derails productive dynamism, more than any other factor.” So yet another “supporter” of the need to abolish the class struggle was revealed. The “left” presses the elevator button which leads to the “basement” of governmental management.

The article was published in turkish newspaper SOL on May 18, 2013


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