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The people must isolate the activity of the fascists in the neighbourhoods

A 29 year old fire-fighter and a 25 year old, who has attracted the attention of the police in the past in connection with robberies, confessed that they murdered a Pakistani immigrant, early in the morning 17/1, in Petralona. As it has been made known, the victim was travelling on a bicycle in Trion Ierarchion Street, when at number 65 he was attacked savagely by two Greeks with stiletto knives. Immediately afterwards, they tried to disappear. Residents of the area informed the police and provided details of the motorbike, which was later found in the Syntagma area. According to information, the two men claimed that their victim blocked the road with his bicycle and after an argument they attacked and killed him.

The Attica Party Organization of the KKE issued a statement regarding the savage murder of the immigrant. The statement is as follows:

“Attica Party Organization of the KKE denounces the savage murder of an immigrant by two fascists in the area of Petralona today (17/1) in the morning.

This incident is not the first, it is to be added to a macabre list of racist attacks which for some time have been going on in Athens’ neighbourhoods.

The government has serious responsibilities regarding the fostering of racism, and the blaming of the immigrants for the problem of unemployment and the wretched living conditions in many areas of the centre of Athens.

The “law and order” operation called “Xenios Zeus” provided cover for and fostered the toleration of the criminal activity of the fascist racist gangs. The state repression and the racist attacks are inter-connected and support each other.

We call on the working class, the people, the youth, in a mass way to denounce and isolate the activity of the fascists in the neighbourhoods. They must not tolerate the fascists attack squads which today murder immigrants and tomorrow the struggling people.”

According to information from the police, 50 election leaflets of Golden Dawn were found at the house of the 25 year old. Three stiletto knives, an air gun, two clubs, two army issue bullets, a knuckle duster and metal pellets were confiscated at the houses of the two arrested men.


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