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Review of the Polish Presidency of the EU


Georgios Toussas MEP of KKE during the current session of the European Parliament on 14.12.2011 to discuss the "Review of the Polish Presidency of the EU". Stated:

"The Polish Presidency in conditions of the sharpening of the capitalist crisis and the inter-imperialist contradictions within the EU and other imperialist centres, contributed to the servicing of the interests of the European monopoly groups and the defence of the bourgeois political system. It was a merciless enemy- together with other bourgeois governments of the EU –of the interests of the people. It zealously promoted all the anti-people decisions of the Council, Commission, governments and political forces of capital: The EU strategy "Europe 2020", the "stronger economic governance", the recent decisions of the Summit for a more reactionary "Stability Pact" and "enhanced fiscal discipline" and work for the "Multi-annual Cohesion Program ", a barrage of capitalist restructuring, with painful sanctions against the peoples that make their lives hell and the other hand new privileges and “golden” subsidies for the European monopolies and the financial system .

They supported the decisions for the controlled bankruptcy of Greece, the uncontrolled bankruptcy of the Greek working class and the popular strata, opening the "Pandora's box" for the spread of bankruptcy to the peoples of other Member States, in order to safeguard the profits of the plutocracy.

The Polish presidency was marked by the imperialist war of the U.S., EU and NATO against Libya. The danger of imperialist wars, a generalized conflagration at a regional level, is growing even more.

The Peoples must not shed their blood in the war for the interests of the monopolies.

The Polish government, the bourgeois class of Poland, through the special contribution of the outgoing President of the European Parliament has strengthened and has stepped up the anti-communist hysteria, in which the EU plays the leading role. There wasn't a day when they did not organize some kind of outrageous slandering against Socialism, which we knew in the 20 century, that they did not promote the anti-historical rewriting of history, the vulgar equation of fascism with communism.

It is this aspect of the activity of the Polish presidency that shows the great fear of all the bourgeois governments of the EU, faced with the superiority of socialism and the attractiveness of the socialist perspective”.

Faced with the unstoppable power of the people, the awakening of the working class and the popular strata, which with their social coalition can overthrow the anti-people European Union edifice, which is directed towards the People's Power and Economy, and the prosperity of peoples.


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