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To the CC of the New CP of Yugoslavia

Dear comrades,

We learned with great sadness today of the death of cde Branko Kitanovic, General Secretary of your party.

Cde Branko Kitanovic, loyal to the end to the ideals of communism, on the road which was paved by the Great October Socialist Revolution, dedicated his whole life to the struggle for the rights of the workers of your country, for the cause of socialism-communism, On this road he confronted the forces of Titoist opportunism and fiercely defended the USSR and the cause of proletarian internationalism, unconcerned by the persecutions and other consequences. After the overthrow of socialism, he gave all his strength for the regroupment of the communist movement in Yugoslavia, on the basis of Marxism-Leninism and assisted in the more general regroupment and coordination of the activity of the anti-imperialist and communist movement in the Balkans and at an international level.

The sudden death of comrade Branko is certainly a great loss for your party and the international communist movement, but the personal example of comrade Branko will be a compass for thousands of young communists in Serbia, who today are entering the furnace of the class struggle.

We ask you, dear comrades, to convey our sincere condolences to all the comrades and family of cde Branko.

The CC of the KKE


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