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History is written with class struggle


38 years after the uprising of the Polytechnic students and the workers of Athens against the military dictatorship, tens of thousands workers, students, youth, unemployed people demonstrated yesterday in the large anti-imperialist march from the centre of Athens to the US embassy as well as in dozens of cities all over Greece. They sent a clear and loud message against the government of the black front of the parties of the plutocracy PASOK-ND-LAOS which have already proceeded to barbaric measures of cuts, heavy taxes, privatizations at the expense of the working class and popular family.

At the major rally which was called by PAME, the Students’ Struggle Front, PASEVE, PASY, OGE, one slogan prevailed and set the tone for the way out: “Worker, without you no cog can turn, you can do without the bosses.”

A delegation of the CC of the KKE, headed by the GS of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, was at the front of the rally.

A characteristic example of practical class solidarity was the economic fundraising to support the just struggle of the workers at “Greek Steel Mills” who are continuing their strike for the 18th day against dismissals and employer intimidation.


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