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The hope for the people in the class struggle, in the social alliance


The GS of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, spoke on Sunday at a large political rally of young people. In a jam-packed indoor stadium the GS of the CC of the KKE made reference to the political developments in Greece.

Posing the question “What determined the current developments which led to the government of the black front of the bourgeois forces?” she noted amongst other things:

“The main cause, which led to the government of the black front of the bourgeois forces, was the difficulty of a one party bourgeois government, i.e. of PASOK to govern alone, and while popular discontent is swelling (…) and without the referendum something would have happened so that other parties take on the responsibility for the people’s tragedy. Of course this is not a real fall and overthrow of PASOK because in the new tripartite government with the exception of 3-4 ministers, the previous government re-emerged with all its staff, of course now together with ND and LAOS. Before our eyes the body of the bourgeois political system from its finger tips to its bowels has come to the surface and undertakes a permanent task in cooperation with capital’s forces. The Far-right comes out of the womb of the same bourgeois forces. This is not a Greek originality, the most representative example was the establishment of Le Pen’s party by Mitterand, and afterwards the vote for Chirac by all the parties, including the PCF, as President of the Republic, so that the enemy Le Pen would not be elected.(…) don’t forget that the agreement of ND and PASOK, last June, collapsed at the last moment, an agreement which also provided for a change of Prime Minister. It collapsed with the pretext of some stubbornness and antics, then the organizational unity of PASOK was saved with the intervention chiefly by the American factor (…) The formation of this government constitutes an important piece of evidence that the bourgeois political system cannot govern as it had done through the rotation of the parties. They cannot control and persuade the people as they did a little while before. For this reason all of them hope that the government will stay after the 19th of February, a section of the bourgeois political world and chiefly the businessmen will find an opportunity so that elections do not take place something which we demand (…) Mr Papademos takes on the mission of taking additional measures to reduce the deficit, to move forward on the issue in abeyance between the Troika and the Greek authorities in order to determine measures worth 8.2 billion Euros in 2013 and 2014. It is very doubtful that they will even achieve the implementation of the haircut.”

The GS of the CC of the KKE noted that: “The question, monopolies or the people, comes to the forefront which means people’s power or the power of the monopolies. A determining issue is also the stance in relation to imperialist war.” Aleka Papariga noted that; “The deep crisis which we are experiencing is a sign not only of new breeding-grounds for wars and possible a generalised flash-point between the strong imperialist powers. The involvement of Greece will be even more dangerous for the people. There is already involvement through the participation of Greece in local wars with bases, with the transit of military forces, and through participation in occupation armies.” She called on the youth to struggle along with the KKE against the participation of Greece in the imperialist unions and plans for people’s power, which will finally free the country from the imperialist plans.

In her speech, the GS of the CC of the KKE also noted: “Some opportunists- you know who, those who break windows or are unfortunately the victim or victims of repression, those who consider that we are on the brink of an uprising, that the bourgeois class has become harmless and in a short while we will have a “left” government- are ready to say to you, that the developments came about as a result of the impact of the indignant citizens’ movement in the squares. If the indignant citizens feel satisfaction at the fall of G. Papandreou, let them be happy. We never doubted that their goal was to change only the façade. No gentlemen, what determined the recent developments, what highlighted the ruptures in the bourgeois political system is the difficulty in the management of the crisis, as well as the significant people’s struggles, the dozens of strike mobilizations, the occupations and other advanced forms of struggle with radical and just demands (…) which pose the question of the overthrow of the power of the monopolies, which talk of people’s power, which disseminate the slogan that workers, without you no cog can turn you can do without the bosses. These are mobilizations which have an impact at a European and global level. (…) All the proposals of SYRIZA, which from time to time are promoted and continually change, have today been surpassed by the crisis itself, its development. Even the haircut of 50% is a serious blow to their proposal for a partial cancellation of the debt which is not due to the people. To start with, none of the debt is due to the people, it is a utopia and even more so an illusion to talk of the separation of the debt. Its proposal for the Eurobond, which is also a form of borrowing, has already been surpassed as it is a proposal of the EU member states and several political forces. They are the goals of one or the other group of competitors in opposition to the rest. No political forces, however it is characterized, “left”, “centre”, “good” or “social” and not governmental PASOK, “anti-regime”, “anti-system” or “anti-authoritarian”, can not free itself from this criterion: its stance, in relation to the real position of the working class regarding capitalist exploitation as well as its objective leading role in social production. (…) The people have the power to face the attacks successfully, the slandering of the organized movement and anticommunism. Down with the black front, down with all the parties of the plutocracy.

Reinforcement of and alliance with the KKE for the only prospect which brings hope:

Disengagement from the EU and cancellation of the debt with people’s power.”


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