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The first people’s response to the new government


The leaderships of social-democratic PASOK, right-wing ND and Nationalist LAOS, expressing the strategic intentions of domestic capital and the EU, proceeded with the formation of a new government coalition, which on behalf of the plutocracy will attempt to advance even further the offensive against the workers and the people.

The political cooperation between these three, with encouragement of other bourgeois parties, such as the centre-right DHSY, the centre-left DHMAR, the ecologists and others, resulted in the creation of a coalition government with the appointment of the banker L. Papademus as Prime Minister.

The Press Office of the CC of the KKE noted in a comment regarding the agreement PASOK-ND-LAOS: “PASOK, ND and Karatzaferis placed at the head of their cooperation government the banker L. Papademus; this is the desire of the Greek plutocracy and of the EU. The people must counterpose their own worker’s-people’s alliance against this black alliance in order to impede and overthrow them.”

A first response to the new anti-people government was given by PAME with large rallies in Athens and other cities on the evening of November 10.

The rally in Athens took place in the central square, Omonoia. Giorgos Sifonios, President of the trade union in “Greek Steel” opened the rally and conveyed to the demonstrators the militant class greetings of the 400 strikers in the company, who have been striking from the 31st of October with repeated 24hr strikes struggling for the rehiring of their 34 dismissed colleagues.

On behalf of PAME Savvas Tsimpoglou stresses that the class-oriented labour movement is against the so-called social cohesion. It rejects class conciliation. With strike mobilizations and demonstrations it will set off on a new course, in fronts of struggle which must develop to fight for the solution of the people’s problems.

There followed a sizeable march to the Parliament.

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, who participated in the demonstration made the following statement to the media:

“We must not waste even a day. Before the government even regroups, before it takes its first steps, it must find the people opposed to it. There are specific immediate problems e.g. for the heavy taxes to be abolished, immediate problems which are related to taxation, the “solidarity” tax, the increased VAT, school committees which have no money, student accommodation which will close tomorrow, there is no money for the universities, nowhere, to fund them.

Consequently, the problems are immediate and there must be struggles everywhere. Immediate and at the same time, of course, intensified demands to lead to the great people’s counterattack, because, as Mr Papademus said , everything is fiscal. Do you know what fiscal means? It means cessation of funding for education, health, everything. With the pretext of not losing salaries, pensions and the 6th instalment, they will cut everything from us, when they take the 6th instalment, the 7th instalment and with the new memorandum.”


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