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Solidarity Message of the KKE to the Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania

Regarding the legal prosecution of its President, Algirdas Paleckis

Dear comrades,

The KKE denounces the unacceptable intention of the Lithuanian authorities to impose a prison sentence of one year, with a two year suspension, on the President of the Socialist People’s front, comrade Algirdas Paleckis, because he publicly disputed the official version of the events of the anti-Soviet provocation in January 1991 in Vilnius.

In addition, it is clear that the prohibition on the exit from the country of A. Paleckis, which was also proposed by the attorney at the trial on the 4th of November, takes a position against the participation of the President of the SPF of Lithuania in the workings of the 13th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, which will be held in Athens on the 9-11 December 2011.

The KKE denounces these antidemocratic-anticommunist machinations of the Lithuanian Authorities. It considers that the trial of A. Paleckis, on the basis of anticommunist legislation, concerning the alleged “crimes of communism” and the so-called “Soviet intervention”, demonstrates the class hatred of the bourgeois against every radical voice, every force which resists capitalist barbarity and struggles for the only alternative way out for the workers: socialism.

The Lithuanian authorities, which through their actions have transformed into “militants of democracy and freedom” all the scum who collaborated with the Nazis during the 2nd World War and who later fought against Soviet power with every criminal method, now seek to suppress every force which disputes the massive operation to distort history, which is being waged with the support of the EU.

The KKE expresses its warm solidarity to cde A. Paleckis and the Socialist People’s front of Lithuania.

Comrades, the communists of Greece follow your struggles in difficult anti-communist conditions and we assure you that the river of socialist social revolutions which was opened up by the October Revolution, the 94th anniversary of which we are celebrating today, cannot be turned back!


International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE


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