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Joint Statement of the KKE and the Communists People's Left



Rome, October 7-8, 2011


The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Italian party Communists-People’s Left (CPL), after a bilateral meeting between delegations of the two parties, which was held on Saturday 8 October in Rome in the framework of the development of their bilateral relations and after a detailed discussion on the capitalist crisis which deepens in both countries and worldwide made the following assessments:

1. The capitalist crisis of overproduction sharpens and deepens, it makes capital even more aggressive. The bourgeois classes in our countries and their governments, both the social democrat government in Greece as well as the liberal in Italy, along with the EU, the IMF and the ECB have launched a barbaric assault against the working class and the other popular strata in the name of the crisis, the deficit and the debt. Either in Greece with the memorandum or in Italy without it, the ruling class in each country attempts to oblige the working class and the other people’s strata to pay the crisis’ burdens. The conditions require the development of a well-organised, class-oriented workers’ and people’s movement that will resist the assault of capital, impede the anti-popular policies, struggle for the withdrawal from the EU, creating the conditions for the overthrow of the capitalist exploitative system, for the construction of socialism. The capitalist crisis highlights the historical limits of capitalism, the relevance of the socialist power, of the power of the working class, of the socialization of the means of production, the central planning and the workers’ control. Today the peoples must realize more deeply that the humanization of capitalism and the illusion that the monopolies and the capitalist market can be controlled are a deception.

2. Furthermore, both Parties agree that the peoples have accumulated a negative experience both from the central left and other “left” governments of “democratic coalitions” with bourgeois forces that help social democracy to enforce its anti-worker and anti-popular policy in support of capital. The communist parties must develop opposition and resistance with no compromises defending decisively the people’s interests.

3. Our parties note the intensity of the imperialist aggressiveness which reinforces under the conditions of the capitalist crisis and condemn the imperialist plans and interventions, as the recent one on Libya, which was approved by the UN , which serves the interests of imperialism, as an alleged humanitarian aim. Taking this into account, both Parties are fighting for their respective countries to step out of NATO, one of the main tools of aggression, with the goal of its final dismantling, and for the closing of any foreign military base on their territory. Both Parties insist on their concept of international relations, based on the right for the peoples to choose their own future with no imperialist interference. Our parties also warmly support the right of the Palestinian people to have its own state within the borders of 1967.

4. KKE and CPL reaffirm their commitment to promote the joint activity, the regroupement of the labour movement, the development of a more effective coordination of the International Communist Movement, bringing their contribution into the struggle against opportunism and reformism. In addition, they will promote coherent Marxist-Leninist positions, so that the Parties lead successfully the revolutionary process, for the formation of the people’s alliance for the overthrown of the power of capital and the construction of socialism in their own countries.


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