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The people ought to trust KKE

The Press office of the CC of the KKE in its statement concerning the government’s positions regarding the “selective default” stressed:

“What the KKE had denounced from the outset of the crisis has been confirmed, that the government and the troika are leading the people to bankruptcy using the debt as an opportunity, with the aim of buttressing the competitiveness of the monopolies. The truth is that the capitalist crisis is deep, that the competition of the monopolies throughout the EU has sharpened concerning the form of the bankruptcy- who will lose the most and who will be strengthened in the course of the competition will be judged by what form the bankruptcy takes. ND in essence agrees with the selective default, whatever it may say, as well as the other pro-EU parties.

The people should in no instance fall into the trap of the choosing the method of selective default. Even if it chooses the most advantageous method for the capitalist state, the gang of domestic business groups will be benefited through new state backing, while the anti-people offensive will escalate. The people are obliged to trust the KKE. They must not be surprised. They must be ready, organized and determined so that the government and the parties of the “EU one way street” will know that they will pay a high price for any attempt at a suspension of payments of the workers, pensioners, self-employed and farmers. The people’s struggle must be strengthened and the counterattack for the protection of the people, for the victory which will come only through popular power and withdrawal from the EU.”

They will always find the KKE in opposition to them

Comment of the Press Office of the CC

In a comment on the intervention of E. Venizelos, who demanded “discipline” from the opposition concerning the government’s anti-people plans, the Press Office of the CC of the KKE noted: “His order-decree to the opposition to support the plan of the government with military discipline-the minister has every right to address this to the parties of the system and the EU-one way street, which talk with the government and agree with its basic choices. As regards the KKE, everyone must understand, both the government and all the others who elaborate the bankruptcy and the suspension of payments at the expense of the people, that they will find the KKE in opposition to them, as always, together with the people, through disobedience and counterattack.”



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