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European Union: Full participation in the imperialist intervention against Libya

The support of the EU Council for the NATO crimes against the Libyan people was revealed in its answer to the question of the KKE.

In a cynical manner, the EU Council not only refused to condemn the killing of civilians by the NATO bombing of Libya, but it actually justified the criminal activity of NATO and the imperialist war against Libya, which the EU supports and participates in. This emerged from the response of the EU Council to the relevant question of the MEP of the KKE, Giorgios Toussas, which denounced the NATO bombings of inhabited areas, which result in the killing of civilians, facts which the NATO representative admitted to on the 20/6/2011.

The response of the Council provocatively and hypocritically “deplores any loss of life in Libya”, as if these were due to an accident and not the criminal war of NATO-USA-EU against Libya and its people, for the control and plundering of its natural resources by the imperialists. The Council absolutely justifies the imperialist crimes, mentioning that “The NATO-led coalition is strictly implementing United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973”.

In order to conceal the imperialist savagery which causes the slaughter of hundreds of civilians “In this regard the EU notes the decision of the International Criminal Court to issue arrest warrants for Colonel Gaddafi, Said Ali-Islam and Abdullah Al-Senussi for alleged crimes against humanity.” It tries in this way to avoid its responsibilities by attacking Gaddafi , with whom and with whose regime the EU had excellent relations and actively supported up until the Summit Meeting of the EU Council with the African Union, which was held in Tripoli, Libya, on the 29th and 30th of November 2010.

Finally, the EU Council in its response mentions that: “The EU is actively supporting a political resolution to the conflict in Libya under the auspices of the United Nations notably through its participation in the meetings of the International Contact Group and the Cairo Group (the African Union, the Arab League, the European Union, and the Organization of the Islamic Conference)”

In this way it provocatively conceals the decision of the 1st April 2011 to organize a land-based military operation of the EU in Libya in close cooperation with NATO, a fact which demonstrates that the EU, the bourgeois governments of its member-states, especially in the conditions of capitalist economic crisis, develop their imperialist aggression even further, and seek an even bigger share of the imperialist loot on behalf of the EU monopolies.

The PASOK government is co-responsible and a participant in the imperialist war against Libya, along the same lines as the previous ND government , and with the parties of capital and the EU one way street which eagerly participate in the imperialist wars. It declared from the first instance its participation and contribution to the war against Libya, with aim of winning a portion of the loot for the Greek bourgeois class. The European Left Party (ELP) has huge responsibilities as do the opportunist parties which co-signed the wretched motion of the European Parliament for the creation of a “No Fly-zone”, which was the precursor to the imperialist intervention against Libya.

The only way out for our people and the peoples of the region is for them to intensify the anti-imperialist struggle to prevent the dangerous plans of the imperialists EU-USA-NATO. They must struggle for withdrawal from the imperialist unions NATO-EU, for the creation of the pre-conditions for radical changes at the level of the economy and power, a necessary condition for just peace and popular prosperity.


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