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Cruel Israeli persecutions against Palestinian MPs

Intervention-denunciation by the MEP of the KKE, G. Toussas

During the recent visit of the KKE delegation in Jerusalem and the other Palestinian territories occupied by Israel, within the framework of the party’s initiative for the recognition of an independent sovereign Palestinian state, the delegation of the KKE witnessed Israeli barbarity and the genocide of the Palestinian people. The cruel violation of the Palestinians’ every human right, of every international treaty, the persecutions, the arrests, the imprisonment and murder of the Palestinians by the Israeli authorities are a daily phenomenon.

A characteristic example, from this standpoint, is the case of three Palestinian MPS of the Palestinian Legislative Council who are being persecuted by the Israeli authorities in order to be deported, with no charge being made against them and have been basically hostages in the Red Cross compound in Jerusalem for over a year.

With his question to the EU Council, the MEP of the KKE, Giorgios Toussas, made the following denunciation:

“Three Palestinian MPs of “Hamas”, members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Ahmed Atoun, Khaled Abu Arafa, and Mohammed Totah have taken refuge for more than a year, from 1 July 2010, in the offices of the Red Cross in Jerusalem, seeking asylum in order to avoid their arrest and deportation by the Israeli authorities. The three Palestinian MPs are in a state of siege, as the Israeli authorities are waiting for them to leave the Red Cross building in order to arrest them, with no charge, only because they are members of the Palestinian Legislative Council. In addition, Mohammed Abu Tir, Palestinian MP of Hamas, was arrested and deported from East Jerusalem to the West Bank. This behaviour by Israel crudely violates every human right of the Palestinian MPs, as it essentially denies them their personal freedom and is in open breach of the 4th Geneva Convention 12/8/1949 and of Resolution 799, 18/12/1992 of the UN Security Council, which forbids Israel from deporting Palestinian citizens from the occupied Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem.

The Council is asked: What actions does it intend to carry out in relation to the Israeli government, so that Israel stops violating International Treaties and The UN Resolutions and so that its stops the deprivation of the personal freedom and the violation of the rights of the three Palestinian MPs?”

For the Palestinian people to be liberated from the yoke of the Israeli occupation, it is even more urgently necessary today for internationalist solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinians to be strengthened: for the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces, for an independent, sovereign and viable Palestinian state, with the 1967 borders and East Jerusalem as its capital. For the release of all the political detainees, the removal of all the settlers, the demolition of the wall and the return of the refugees.


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