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Greece. Militant Action: A call for struggle from the Acropolis

“The peoples have the power and never surrender. Organize, Counterattack” was the slogan written in Greek and in English on the banner that the all Workers’ Militant Front (PAME) hung from the Acropolis on 27th June, on the eve of the 48-hour strike against the barbaric anti-people measures of the social-democratic government, the EU and the IMFthat starts on Tuesday 28th June and is expected to embrace every workplace.

Early in the morning hundreds of members and cadre of PAME carried out a symbolic occupation of the Acropolis raising two huge banners. This initiative of PAME had a very positive impact not only on the Greek working people but also on the tourists who were visiting the country and the Acropolis. The access of tourists to the Acropolis was allowed within the framework of the symbolic occupation of the forces of PAME.

PAME notes in its statement: “We call on the working people, the youth, the unemployed and the women to a carry out a people’s uprising. We struggle along with the peoples all over the world against the capitalist barbarity. The barbaric measures that lead the people to bankruptcy must not pass”.

In the afternoon the forces of PAME organised placard protests and mass rallies-in order to conduct propaganda for the strike-in many neighbourhoods in Athens as well as in other cities in Greece.



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