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48-hour strike: the response to the new intimidating dilemmas of the government and the EU

After a three-day discussion in the Parliament the reshuffled government got on Tuesday 22nd June a vote of confidence with the votes of the Mps of PASOK. 155 Members of the Parliament out of the 298 that took part in the procedure gave a vote of confidence to the government while 143 voted against.

The General Secretary of the CC of KKE, Aleka Papariga, denounced the intimidating dilemma posed to the Greek working people by the EU and the government:

“the ultimatum of the EU, the Euro-zone is not addressed to the Greek government, which has accepted it long ago, but to the Greek people. It says: bow your heads, if you don’t consent you will not get the fifth instalment”.

Aleka Papariga noted: we consider that the Greek People must give their own ultimatum. This is the best thing they can do. There cannot be any radical negotiation in the framework of the EU. There are also parties of the opposition that make such suggestions to the government. This is a either a so called easy solution or a position that ignores the character of the EU. I’ d rather say it is a deliberate ignorance of the true character of this predatory alliance, as we call it, even if it is a mild phrase given the current situation.

So the Greek people must give their own ultimatum. We could note what the EU, the governments of ND and PASOK, the Greek bourgeoisie –all its sectors, industrialists, ship-owners, bankers, merchants etc- owe to the Greek people.

From the podium of the parliament the General Secretary of the CC of KKE called on the workers to ignore the intimidating dilemmas and take an active part in the struggle: “now that the people open their eyes and fear awakens consciousness –because there is also the fear of dismissal- the KKE promotes more intensively the position that the people must take into their own hands the ownership of the means of production as well of the natural resources.

The class oriented forces that rally in PAME call on a 48-hour strike as soon as the government brings to the Parliament the new package of the anti-people measures.



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