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Message of Solidarity with the PCPE

The KKE denounces the provocative and especially dangerous operation carried out by undercover policemen in the offices of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain and the arrest of two of its cadre on manufactured and concocted charges.

This example highlights that bourgeois democracy is nothing other than the dictatorship of the monopolies. Today the workers can think hard on this and draw conclusions because the anti-people assault of the plutocracy, its governments and of the EU goes hand in hand with anti-communism. The real and timely question is: which class is in power? Democracy for which class? The popular, labour and democratic rights can only be ensured in a regime of popular power, socialism, when the people will take charge of the wealth they produce.

The KKE stands in solidarity with the two persecuted comrades from the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain and demands their immediate release and every persecution against them to stop. The operation to intimidate the communists will fail.


The International Section of the CC of the KKE


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