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The People’s movement must target capital

The statement of the PB of the CC of the KKE on the recent developments in Greece which was issued on the 7/6, stressed the following: “It is an encouraging fact that the people and the youth are on the streets demonstrating their anger which has built up. A more substantial militant mood could be created, if it develops into a decisive participation in the organized class-oriented popular movement, which struggles to repel and reverse the barbaric anti-people political line and not to change the individuals in government, or for small adjustments to be made to the memoranda of the monopolies. The government, the parties and the mechanisms of the system have every interest in the spontaneous mass anger retaining a vague orientation. That it be trapped in insipid slogans or in reactionary ideological constructs.

For the working class, popular and youth struggles to be effective and to have the power to erect barriers against the escalating barbaric measures they must target those responsible for the problems of the people, which are the business groups, the EU and the parties which serve them . To fight for the contemporary rights, to aim at necessary radical changes which are required at the level of the economy and power, so that the development serves the people’s needs and not the profits of big capital”.

On the 7/6 the Communist Youth of Greece carried out mass demonstration in Athens and Thessalonica, in which thousands of young people took part.

The Secretary of the CC of KNE , Theodoris Chionis, spoke at the rally in Athens and stressed that it is the “capitalist ownership of the means of production and land which hinders the utilisation of the wealth produced by the working class and the popular strata for their own needs. For this reason every business, every workplace, farm, port, airport, hospital popular neighbourhood, training and educational institute must become a fortress of the implacable struggle against capital and its parties, against the barbaric measures, with the aim that they become social property.

we call the people to rise up, a new intensification of our strength and efforts for the sharpening of the class struggle. From tomorrow we will visit the workplaces, we will give our best, so that on the 15th of June next Wednesday on the day of the general strike that everything closes, that Greece comes to a halt, in order to break the bullying of the bosses and to smash the blackmail of the government. The demonstrations of PAME must be like surging torrents.

We are making a call to arms so that the organization of the people multiplies, changing wherever necessary the balance of forces, through mass and combative participation. We must wage the struggle everywhere in defence of the unemployed, young workers, youth in the training institutes and universities, the youth from ordinary families with as our goal a radical overthrow of the capitalist system.

Today there exist additional pre-conditions for the liberation of the people and youth from the bourgeois dilemmas and ambitions, as well as from the dead-ends of the system. There also exist traps. For this reason they must ally with the KKE. We will not pay for the crisis, the debts and the profits of capital. We struggle so that the working class and its allies becomes the boss in this country and in its life.”

There followed a march to the Ministry of Labour, while in Thessalonica the demonstrators of KNE carried out a symbolic occupation of the offices of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece in the centre of Thessalonica and then marched to the General Secretariat of Macedonia-Thraki.


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