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3rd June 2011- Day of PAME Nationwide Activity

On Friday morning hundreds of members and cadre of the All Workers’ Militant Front (PAME) carried out a symbolic occupation and blockade of the ministry of Finance which is in the centre of Athens and raised a huge banner over the building calling on the workers to organise the struggle for the overthrow of the anti-people policy.

Friday has been named by PAME as a day of nationwide activity while mass rallies are scheduled to take place throughout the country in the afternoon.

Meanwhile the Press Office of the CC of KKE responded to the attack launched by the Ministers of the government against the KKE and PAME. The statement of the Press Office stresses among other things: “This attack against the KKE and PAME that struggle according to the slogan “The law is what is right for the workers” proves once again which movement the plutocracy and its servants are afraid of”.

From 19.00 on there will be live coverage of the Demonstration of PAME in Athens at the home page of PAME


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