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A Planned People’s Struggle is Necessary

“The large majority of the workers, of the people must declare this to the power of capital: We do not believe whatever you tell us. We are regrouping to win small and big battles and ultimately the war.” Aleka Papariga stressed this amongst other things when speaking to a mass and dynamic rally of the KKE on the evening of 25/5 in the city of Larissa.

The GS of the CC of the party underlined that today more dynamic and better-planned working class and popular struggles are needed, as well as small and big victories. But it should be clear that we must wage a struggle which will lead to the overthrow of the power of the monopolies.

Earlier, in an interview with the radio station “Real Fm”, Aleka Papariga answering a question in relation to the attempts on the 25/5 in various Greek cities for mobilizations to be organized like those which are taking place in Spain, noted amongst other things that:

“ We, because of our nature as a party, always look sympathetically on – and I tell you this in all sincerity- attempts by people to find a way to express themselves. The spontaneous always exists and chiefly develops when there simultaneously exists conscious political activity- the spontaneous never operates in a vacuum.

On the other hand, we are careful about saying this is the only way to respond. These are certain outbursts which have no organization, are not rooted in the workplaces, the industries, either in the private or public sector, they have no basic political direction. We are afraid that these things will be an outburst, a trend which will pass. It is not a negative thing that young people, who are searching for a way to express themselves, acquire experience. This will certainly be an experience. We are not taking a hostile stance against them. But it has made an impression on me that certain sworn enemies of the movement are promoting this as something important and ideal in opposition to the strike. This is wrong. One of the forms of struggle, not the only one, through which the worker can show his strength, is the strike; because he must overcome his fear of the employer. It is much easier to gather together in the town squares.”

In addition in a comment made by her to the newspaper of the KKE, Rizospastis, she noted that “ Who has a vested interest in a movement with a “non-party” orientation, when opposite it the opponent deploys parties with a specific political line and strategy, with which the various sections of capital identify their particular interest?

Without wishing to underestimate the intentions of many ordinary people to protest against the continual downgrading of their standard of living, it is more than certain that mobilizations which seek to release a sense of frustration are more easy to manipulate and even easier to “deflate”. The publicity which yesterday’s initiative received constitutes an exploitation of a mood for resistance, which the bourgeois political system, in a show of strength, poses against the class struggle. In this way it can intervene to preserve itself, at a time when the people’s anger is increasing dangerously and the conditions for radicalisation are being created. The movement has experience of such ventures, such as the various “forums”, Genova etc. It also has experience of the internet-based mobilizations, such as those organized after the forest fires in 2007 and four years on the government, continuing the work of ND, is selling off what remains of land, sea and air. We must approach these ordinary people, who have spontaneously mobilised so that they are consciously rallied to the class struggle. PAME has already done it, with a positive response. The enemy has a strategy, organization and name. The people’s movement must do the same to win the war which has been declared against it.”

It must be mentioned that PAME has announced that it will hold demonstrations on Saturday 28/5 in many Greek cities. The joint statement of PAME, PASEVE, PASY, MAS and OGE states that: “ Within the framework of capitalist development, there can be no future no pro-people prospects. The sacrifices, which they call on you to make, have no end. You have no responsibility for the capitalist crisis. The debt and the deficit belong to the plutocracy. Do not recognise it. No consent, no sacrifice, the plutocracy must pay for the crisis.”


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