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European Communist Meeting 2011: Resolution on Belarus

The communist and workers’ parties and organizations which participated in the European communist meeting held in Brussels 11-12 April 2011 condemn the bombing of the Minsk metro, which caused the death and injury of dozens of people. With this motion we express our grief for the victims of this act and our condemnation of the continuing plans of destabilization, which are being elaborated with the intervention of the USA, the EU and NATO.

We express our support for the right of every people to choose its own path of development, without foreign imperialist interference.


  1. Communist Party of Styria [Austria]
  2. Communist Party of Belarus
  3. Workers' Party of Belgium
  4. New Communist Party of Britain
  5. Communist Party of Britain
  6. Party of the Bulgarian Communists
  7. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
  8. Communist Party in Denmark
  9. Communist Party of Denmark
  10. Communist Party of Estonia
  11. Finland Communist Workers’ Party for Peace and Socialism
  12. Pole of Rebirth of Communistes in France
  13. Union of Revolutionary Communistes of France URCF
  14. Communist Party of Greece
  15. Hungarian Workers' Communist Party
  16. The Workers' Party of Ireland
  17. Communist Party of Ireland
  18. Communist Peoples' Left, Italy
  19. Socialist Party of Latvia
  20. Communist Party of Luxembourg
  21. Movement of People's Resistance, Moldavia
  22. New Communist Party of the Netherlands
  23. Communist Party of Norway
  24. Communist Party of Poland
  25. Portuguese Communist Party
  26. Communist Party of Russian Federation
  27. Communist Workers' Party of Russia - Revolutionary Party of Communists
  28. Communist Party of Soviet Union
  29. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  30. Communist Party of Slovakia
  31. Communist Party of Peoples of Spain
  32. Communist Party of Sweden
  33. Party of Labour, Switzerland
  34. Communist Party of Turkey
  35. (EMEP), Turkey
  36. Union of Communists of Ukraine


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