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The KKE against the European Parliament's motion-precursor of imperialist intervention in Libya

From a protest organised by KKE and KNE against the presence of of the aircraft carrier in Souda Bay US naval base in the Greek Island of "Crete".

An unacceptable motion, which in a provocative manner legitimises excuses and instigates the imperialist intervention in Libya, was ratified Thursday 10 March in the European parliament. It is a motion which utilises as a pretext “democratization” and invokes the provision of humanitarian aid, projecting as a solution military intervention in Libya.It also supports the establishment of a No-Fly Zone and urges the EU to intervene with every means at its disposal, and amongst other things to recognise and support the so-called “Provisional Council of Libya”, looking to the continuation of the promotion of the imperialist plans in order to divvy up the loot, as the imperialists had done up to the present day with the Gaddafi government.This position serves the imperialist interests in the region, which are dangerous for the people, in order to safeguard the capitalist profitability of the monopoly groups. The KKE voted against the motion and at the same time denounced it and the pretexts which are invoked.

This motion was pushed forward and voted on by the Social-democrats, the European Peoples Party, the Liberals, the Greens, including the Greek MEPs of PASOK, ND, LAOS, Ecologists-Greens (we note that SYN was absent). This motion was also voted by the MEPS of the member-parties of the “European Left Party” (ELP), among them the former president of Die Linke and the ELP and the current president of GUE-NGL, L. Bisky and the president of the respective “Party of the Left” in France, Z.L. Melenchon. It is demonstrated once again by this vote the dangerous role of opportunism for the working class and popular interests, as well as the need of the CPs to play the leading role in the sharpening of the confrontation with them. Because the political forces are not judged on the basis of their title, or how they define themselves. They are judged by their stance in relation to the bourgeois class, the interests of the monopolies, and their stance in relation to capitalist-imperialist barbarity, and the imperialist powers as a whole.

Statement of the Europarliamentary Group of the KKE on the motion

The Europarliamentary Group of the KKE voted against and denounced the motion, characterising it as the precursor to a generalized military operation, under the pretext of “democratization” and the provision of humanitarian aid to Libya. In his intervention in the plenary session, the MEP of the KKE G. Toussas, noted that: “This reactionary motion, which was vote for by PASOK, ND, LAOS, Ecologists-Greens and the opportunists of the ELP, falls in line with the dangerous plans of the imperialists, EU-USA-NATO, which propose a military intervention in Libya, in order to safeguard the geopolitical and energy interests of the monopolies.

The motion supports the creation of a No-fly zone, which amongst other things, includes the destruction of every anti-aircraft force in Libya. It also explicitly demands the utilisation by the EU of every means at its disposal to intervene in this country.

They intervene in an open and provocative manner and call on Catherine Aston, high representative of the EU for External and Security policy, to recognise the Provisional Council of Libya which has been created, in order to implement their adventurist plans at the expense of the Libyan people.

It is provocative for the imperialists of the USA-NATO, the bourgeois governments, the parties of the EU one-way road, the former collaborators of the authoritarian and reactionary regimes of North Africa, accomplices in the exploitation of the peoples in the wider region, to present themselves as the defenders of democratic and social rights. Democracy, as the imperialists mean it, has been paid for and continues to be paid for by the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, Latin America, of the entire world, in blood. The KKE, from the very first, denounced the regime of capitalist exploitation in Libya, the criminal assaults of its military forces against the struggling Libyan people. The KKE is against any involvement of the imperialists of the EU, USA and NATO and of our country in the new imperialist-NATO plans which are extremely dangerous for the peoples of our region.”


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