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No consent to the anti-people policy!

The PASOK government is attempting with blackmails and fake dilemmas to wrest the consent of the popular strata for the governmental policies in the run up to the Summit Meeting of the Euro zone and the EU, on the 11th and 25-25 of March respectively, with at its core the manner of the controlled bankruptcy. Within this framework the Prime minister, G. Papandreou, invited the leaders of the political parties of our country to individual meetings. The issue which was placed on the table by the government was the “management of the public debt”. However the statement of the Prime minister later in the evening highlighted in a characteristic manner the decisiveness of the plutocracy, the government and its allies to endorse a “all-encompassing solution” within the framework of the EU, which will be accompanied by a hailstorm of new anti-people measures.

They are bargaining over the rope with which they will hang the people
Statements of the GS of the CC of the KKE, after the meeting with the Prime Minister

Immediately after the meeting with G. Papandreou, the GS of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga made the following statement: “We cannot make proposals to the government, which is in essence like choosing with which rope they will hang the Greek people. We predict that there will be some sort of agreement within the framework of the EU concerning controlled bankruptcy. But whatever agreement is reached and in whatever form, one thing is certain: New unbearable, cruel measures against the Greek people, against the peoples of Europe. So there can be no consent. The worst is yet to come and whether the people will see a tomorrow in a better position depends on the extent to which they are prepared to face these measures, militantly, united, politically and decisively.


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