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Message of the CC of KKE in solidarity with KSCM against anticommunism

The KKE denounces the provocative machinations of the Czech government to place for discussion in Parliament the banning of the CP of Bohemia and Moravia(KSCM). The Czech government, which has been encouraged by the anti-communist stance of the EU and copying its unacceptable anti-communist motions as well as the respective reports of the various anti-historical “research groups” which the EU and the governments of its member states have established, identifies the KSCM with the fascist parties and treats communism as a “criminal ideology”.

These specific machinations come immediately after the acclamation as “heroes” by anti-communist forces those who fought against socialist power in Czechoslovakia as a “third resistance”, who receive social benefits for their counterrevolutionary work.

This operation of intensified anticommunism, which is a necessary supplement for big capital to the savage anti-worker policies, must receive from the Czech people and the peoples from the whole of Europe a resounding answer. The KKE expresses its unreserved solidarity with the Czech communists and their struggle so that these anticommunist machinations fail!




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