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Tremendous, mass, successful strike demonstrations of PAME in Greece

Decisive message for the escalation of the struggle

The general strike which was organized in Greece had massive success. Once again, PAME played the leading role in the factories, businesses, ships, in all the workplaces.

Tens of thousands of working men and women, pensioners, unemployed, youth, immigrants, self-employed participated in a mass and militant way, in one of the most massive strikes over the recent years, in the strike rallies of the All Militant Workers’ Front (PAME). The All Farmers’ Militant Rally (PASY), the Nationwide Antimonopoly Rally of the Self-employed and the small Tradesman (PASEVE), the Greek Women’s’ Federation (OGE) and the Students’ Militant Front (MAS) participated also in the strike rallies of PAME held in Athens and in 72 Greek cities in total. The workers joined the contingents of the class oriented trade unions in a mass way, giving their answer to the anti-people policies of the government of the social-democrats of PASOK, capital, the EU, the IMF and to the parties of the plutocracy which support them.

From the crack of dawn lots of picket-lines were outside the big factories and workplaces- “ghettos” in order to safeguard the success of the strike, so that workers could have the necessary support to smash employer intimidation in practice.

It must be taken into account that in this strike the threats of dismissals by the employers in full cooperation with employer-led trade unionism were more intense than any other time previously, with the aim of undermining the strike in every way. Nevertheless, these threats failed. The class-oriented forces are ready to respond to any potential attempt by the employers to proceed to dismissals or other measures against the workers after this strike.

In the central speech of the strike rally Giorgos Skiadiotis, member of the executive secretariat of PAME, mentioned amongst other things “ We demand that the government immediately cease the plans its has prepared and is carrying out for the abolition of collective bargaining agreements, the final abolition of the 8 hour day, of Sunday as a day -off. We call on you to a continual struggle in every factory, in every industry, so that we can construct a strong front of resistance. We demand here and now measures for the protection of the unemployed, the young couples based on our proposals. We must not and we will not allow the further downgrading of our social security rights and social services. Our movement has deep roots and a big future. We won’t stop until we overthrow not only the memorandums, the anti-people laws and governments but the matrix that breeds them, namely the capitalist ownership. Those who think that we can resist and beat the “iron heel” of the monopolies through hasty, uncoordinated and ill-prepared actions do not have any idea about class struggle or they are fooling the people.

What do they actually suggest in place of the government of PASOK those who call us to struggle merely to drive out the government of PASOK? A new boss in the place of the boss? To topple “Mubarak” and let another “Mubarak” take his place as happened in Egypt? The question for the people is not to change the political staff of the bourgeoisie while the monopolies maintain their positions but the power to change hands. That is to say, a struggle for another political line and working class’ and people’s power. If the movement lacks such an orientation the struggles are led to a deadlock, they will deflate”.

G. Skiadiotis referred also to the internationalist support and class solidarity with PAME expressed by the messages of tens of class oriented unions and federations from all over the world.

The mass demonstration which was well-protected against the activity of provocation mechanisms headed to the Parliament. In Athens a delegation of the CC of KKE, led by comrade Aleka Papariga, General Secretary of the CC of KKE, participated in the rally.

The protesters decided on a new militant meeting for the 10th of March. On this day several activities, big demonstrations will take place in the centre of Athens and in other cities as well on the occasion of International Women’s Day.


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