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Mobilization for the preparation and success of the strike on February 23rd

On Thursday 10/2/2011 thousands of workers and youth participated in the nationwide day of action, sending a powerful message of resistance against the anti-worker and anti-people policies.

This mobilization was organized by the All Militant Workers’ Front (PAME), the All Farmers’ Militant Rally (PASY), Nationwide Antimonopoly Rally of the Self-employed and the small Tradesman (PASEVE) , Greek Women’s’ Federation (OGE), Student’s Struggle Front and was multi-faceted. Hundreds of trade unionists from the class-oriented trade unions visited factories, businesses, hospitals, university, unemployment offices, while in the afternoon protests with placards took place in dozens of Greek cities. From the Evros River to Crete and the Peloponnese, the class-oriented forces made it clear that they will not tolerate the policies of the government, the EU, the IMF, and that they will not submit to their blackmail, or to the demands of capital.

Workers, students, the self-employed and small tradesmen, women, pensioners united their voices against the policies which give birth to poverty and wretchedness , cut wages and pensions, increase unemployment, provoke dismissals and the aggression of capital.

They demonstrated their decision to fight against capitalist barbarity, and to organize their joint struggle. In this way yet another decisive step was taken in the preparation of the nationwide general strike, which will embrace every workplace on the 23rd of February.



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