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Festival KNE-ODIGITIS: A big political and cultural festival of the youth

“Together with KKE there is solution, let’s meet in the struggle for the overthrow”

The central events of the 36th festival KNE-ODIGITIS, which is a major political and cultural event for the people’s movement in Greece, were held in Athens on 16th-18th September. Over the previous period tens of similar events were held throughout the country spreading the political message of the festival “Together with KKE there is solution, let’s meet in the struggle for the overthrow”.

The “A. Tritsis” park in the district Ilion (western districts of Athens that gather working people and popular strata) was incomparably bigger than the place where the festival was held over the previous years. Nevertheless, this park was stiflingly crowded showing that the popular strata and especially the youth in the region responded to the call of KNE and KKE.

Thousands of members of KNE, with the assistance of the members of the Party, worked voluntarily for the construction of the festival. In addition, they organised the 3-day running of all concerts, panel discussions, the protection of the area, the cleaning of the park, the running of the bars where the guests could fing beverages and the traditional souvlaki.

The festival had a particularly rich political and cultural content that fascinated the visitors who showed a growing interest for the events. It has been a true workshop of creativity with theater, cinema, arts, sports and activities for small children. The participation of the people in the panel discussions proved that the youth and the working people are willing to listen, discuss and learn in order to strengthen the class oriented forces that resist and struggle.

The guests were also attracted by the stands devoted to the struggle of women, immigrants, young workers, organizations of the National Resistance Movement, by the sports, education and culture stands, by the bookshop and of course by the “international city”, where the guests had the chance to meet the 25 foreign delegations that participated in the festival (from Austria, Argentina, Vietnam, Britain, Venezuela, Bolivia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Colombia, Cuba, Cyprus, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Sri-Lanka, Turkey, as well as representatives World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) and the American and Caribbean Continental Organization of Students (OCLAE)) and get acquainted with the situation in each country.

The activities and the theses of KNE and KKE were presented in tens of tableaus calling the people to vote for the lists of “People’s Rally” that KKE supports in the local elections on November 7th.

The General Secretary of the CC of KKE, comrade Aleka Papariga, delivered a speech at the festival on Saturday following the greeting extended by the General Secretary of the CC of KNE.

Photos from the third day of the 36th Festival of KNE-Odigitis


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