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Vigorous mobilisation by Egyptian fishermen against the regime of exploitation

The only way out is the united class struggle 

The Egyptian workers in fishing boats in Nea Michaniona, a region near Thessaloniki, staged a protest rally and mobilisation on Monday January 3rd 2010 against their exploitation by the owners of fishing boats. The mobilisation was co-organised by the trade union of Egyptian workers in fishing boats and PAME, while on the side of the fishworkers attended a delegation by KKE and Yannis Ziogas, MP of KKE. In the mobilisation took place all the Egyptian fisher workers in that region who are more than 200. They denounce that the fishing boat owners steal part of their wage as during the last months their salary dropped from 1200€ to 300-400€. The ship owners were alarmed by the dynamic mobilisation of the workers and began to threaten that they will replace them with other immigrants.

During the last period, which coincides with the reduction of their wage, the ascertainment of their salary is done by the majority of the Fishery Workers trade union, controlled by PASKE, the trade union list supported by the ruling social-democrat party of PASOK that clearly plays an employer-led role. Its stance was also revealed in the meeting of PAME with the ship owners, also attended by the leadership of the Fishery Workers trade union (PASKE) that exonerated the workers and provocatively asked the Egyptians workers to leave Greece arguing that… all terrorists are Arabs!


 “The blackmail and terrorising of Egyptian fishworkers in Michaniona region will not pass! The Party Organisation of Thessaloniki of KKE denounces the shameless exploitation and violation of labour rights of fishworkers: Their struggle is just because they demand the implementation of their contracts and assert their insurance rights. The solidarity of workers, small and medium-scale peasants, tradesmen and craftsmen will strengthen the class struggle of the fishworkers.

The government of PASOK, with the consent of the ND, has not yet intervened in order to put an end to this situation People must draw conclusions regarding the parties of the plutocracy, PASOK and ND, as well as their partners in the policy of the EU, LAOS and SYN. People must turn their backs on the yellow trade union leaderships led by the government and the employers, that play a leading role in GSEE (Greek General Confederation of Labour), in the Trade Union Centre of Thessaloniki and in other organs of the trade union movement. The only solution is the joint struggle of greek and immigrant workers for their fair rights turning their offensive against the policy that strengthens the monopolies and employers’ offensive, with the perspective of people’s power and people’s economy.”


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