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Anti-communism in Europe will not succeed!

The KKE reacted immediately to the anti-communist initiative of the foreign ministers of 6 EU countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania) which was addressed to the European Commission and called on it to form a common “European position” in relation to the so-called “crimes of communism”. In the direction of the unacceptable equation of nazism with socialism, it is proposed that the “public condoning, denial and gross trivialisation of totalitarian crimes” be subject to legal prosecution.

In its statement the International Relations Department of the Central Committee of the KKE denounces the escalation of the anti-communist assault. In the statement it notes in detail that “The Communist Party of Greece condemns in the most categorical way the initiative of the Foreign ministers of Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic to demand that the European Union instigate the legal persecution of all those within the EU who do not recognize the so-called “crimes” of communism.

This action is part of the campaign to blacken the history of socialist construction, to distort the history of the Second World War, by unacceptably equating communism with fascism.

It is aimed against communist parties, which in the conditions of the global capitalist crisis, are to be found in the vanguard of the working class struggles, so that the workers do not bear the burden of the system's crisis as well as to open up the way for the overthrow of the exploitative system.

Through this act they intend to generalize the anti-communist legislative bans, which are already in force in certain EU countries. Such acts reveal, amongst other things, the mendacity and hypocrisy of bourgeois democracy. The banning of the activity of CPs and of communist symbols in EU countries, as well as the efforts to gradually generalize this within the EU, demonstrates that the bourgeois classes and their governments fear a new counterattack by revolutionary labour and people's movement because they know full well the size and insurmountable nature of the contradictions and dead-ends of capitalism, and that the future belongs to a society without the exploitation of man by man, to socialism-communism

The KKE demands:

  • That all bans on the operation of communist parties and communist youth organization in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states be lifted
  • That the promotion of the banning of communist symbols be stopped immediately, as well as every anti-communist law and persecution against communists.
  • That all the laws be withdrawn, which persecute all those who do not accept the unacceptable equation of communism with fascism and the distortion of the history of the 2nd World War.

Anti-communism will fail. Social development cannot stop and its motor force is the class struggle. We will strengthen the struggle for the overthrow of capitalism.

International Department of the CC of the KKE

On the 17/12 the KKE sent delegations to protest to the embassies of the 6 EU countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania), denounce the escalation of the anti-communist assault and hand over a protest petition to the governments of the 6 countries.

Elissaios Vagenas, member of the CC of the KKE and responsible for its international department and Kostas Papadakis , member of the CC of the KKE and a member of the International department, visited the embassies of Lithuania and Latvia.

Giorgios Toussas, member of the CC of the KKE and MEP as head of the KKE delegation visited the embassies of Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

Babis Angourakis, member of the CC of the KKE and MEP as head of the KKE delegation visited the embassies of Romania and Hungary.



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