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KKE: The opposition strategy which will lead the people to question and overthrow the system.

The mobilizations of the workers in Greece against the anti-worker, anti-people measures of the government continue.

On Thursday the 9th of December mass demonstrations were held in Athens and Thessalonica against the proposed law of the social-democratic government which:

  • Abolishes collective bargaining agreements, attacking wages and salaries.
  • Reduces the income of workers in the former state industries by 25%
  • Intensifies the looting of the people’s income through an increase in VAT
  • Introduces tax relief and free subsidies to help capital’s investments

The demonstrations were organized by the All-workers Militant Front (PAME).These had been preceded by mass rallies and demonstrations on Tuesday the 7th of December against the visit to Greece by the head of the IMF, Strauss-Kahn.

The GS of the CC of the KKE noted among other things that “In the war against the workers of Greece and Europe we must prepare ourselves so that the war will end with victory for the people. The government is ruthless. The official opposition is conning the people with another “mixture” of the same policies. Today we need another specific opposition strategy which will lead the people to question and overthrow the system and not false cures which will recycle and sharpen the problems. This is our relevant call today. No postponement of this decision is possible, when what popular rights remain are in immediate danger. We need a social popular front now to repel the assault and counterattack. There is no solution which is in the interests of the pillars of the system on the one hand and the working people on the other. Either the system will be victorious or the people will defeat the capitalist system and its power. Only the working class and its allies can ensure real development for this country, in contrast to the capitalist development road which serves profit. Real development for the people and its increased contemporary needs is a development which abolishes unemployment, poverty and crises.

She added that “Now is the time for a discrete socio-political front of political and mass action to take shape, made up of radical forces of workers in the private and public sector, of the poor self-employed and small businessmen, the poor farmers, the increase of the participation of younger age groups, the children of working class-popular families, especially those who work and study, who are in vocational training, women and immigrants, militants from the world of science, art and culture.

There exist today seedlings of this front, such as PAME, PASY, PASEBE,OGE, MAS and other forms of rallying which the workers create, others which arise in the course of events, and also forms of rallying in the mass movements against imperialist war, for individual and collective rights, trade union freedoms, rallies which are active in local government.

This social popular front must have two interconnected goals.

The first is the struggle to repel and undermine the barbaric measures which have been elaborated by the government, its allies, and the mechanism which includes the bourgeois political system and plutocracy of this country.

The struggle to undermine the measures is not enough; some small and larger victories must be recorded.

But the must important job of the front must be creative, to unleash the militant stance of the people, its militant optimism and dignity, its class-oriented patriotism and internationalism, popular activity and initiatives which will transform the front into an all-peoples current of change to overturn the correlation of forces.

This front has one choice, both creative and realistic: to empower the alternative proposal of the people’s power-economy, with as its central slogan the socialization of the monopolies, the creation of popular cooperatives where socialization is not possible, national planning with workers’ and popular control from the bottom to the top. To prove and point out the real development possibilities of this country, while it still possesses them, and no more time must be lost as they are being constantly undermined and destroyed.

The KKE will escalate the dissemination of its political proposal in parallel with its involvement in the daily struggles.



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