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Statement of the GS of the CC of the KKE, Al. Papariga, concerning the results of the November 2010 elections

“You know very well that the lists put together by the KKE nationwide with the same name in the regions and in the municipalities, together with other militants with whom we have worked together in the struggles have seen a significant upwards surge everywhere in the regions and the municipalities. It is correct when the commentators say that the KKE is the only political force which had a significant increase in the elections at a local and regional level. You know that from the beginning we gave our fight in the local elections a general political character.

We called on the people to vote against PASOK and ND because of their deeds over the last 20 years and undoubtedly amongst these we must include the “memorandum”, the barbaric measures that have been taken, and those that will be taken from now on. We called on the people to rally, to struggle, to counterattack in order to tackle their urgent problems and also to create the preconditions of a more general overturning of these policies-a radical change in the balance of forces at a political level. We heard what the Prime minister has just said and we are of the opinion that he was unable and unwilling to understand anything concerning the election results which in our opinion clearly express a condemnation of the policies of PASOK without strengthening ND, which may claim that its anti-memorandum struggle is genuine-for us it remains fake and counterfeit.

We thank all those men and women who for the first or second time voted for lists which were supported by the KKE. We are of the opinion that they contributed decisively to this positive political message which emanates from this political battle. We know very well that it is not enough to feel vindicated and satisfied. We understand that we must combat our own weaknesses in order to do what is most important: to contribute to popular unity, to the rallying of the people, to the organization of the people’s struggle on a daily basis so that we can avert the worst and also so that we can create the preconditions for this election result to liberate the dynamism of the people, so that we may see better days in our country. We address those who abstained, with the intention of condemning the policies of ND and PASOK, and we urge them to think again. They have the opportunity from here on to send the message of condemnation in an active and positive manner inside the movement and at the ballot box, whenever the next elections take place, and they can show this in the second round. We call on those who voted for other lists, believing that they were protesting against the government in this way, to think hard. We believe that over the coming period they will have the opportunity to understand that this vote does not provide a solution. We can talk today about the possibilities and opportunities to rally and introduce dynamism into the people, and it is this that will be at the centre of our attention. There will be a second round in the local and regional elections. In several instances it seems that we have the possibility of being in the second round. We call on those who abstained or voted for other parties to strengthen the dynamism which has been created up to now.

In areas where the lists of “People’s rally” will not be in the second round, we call on the people to vote against the both the parties. Not to get involved with them, not to settle which of the two, PASOK or ND, will be the winner. This would be a real backward step. The solution is this: No involvement with the two parties, neither of them is going to change. In any case the Prime minister proved this himself: No self-criticism, aloof from the election results. We believe the same is true for ND. The people must look forwards; let the 2 parties sort out the balance of forces amongst themselves. The working class and popular strata must show that they are beginning to liberate themselves and struggle for the overthrow of the balance of forces, without which the road for social prosperity for the people cannot be opened. We are clear, we made it clear from the beginning- We had made it clear in previous elections- the people should not show preference to either of them in the second round. This does not mean passivity or neutrality. It means we point to the real way out, which our country needs”.

Journalist: Based on what we can see concerning the analysis of the elections, is that at a nationwide level the KKE has achieved the best result from the end of the dictatorship in 1974.

“I avoided mentioning the percentage because we are waiting for the final result. In any case the final and official statement will be made by the Central Committee. But everything points to the fact that the KKE could approach 12%. And we underline this: We did not enter the elections saying that you should vote with narrow local government issues as the criteria. We called on the people to vote with political criteria and to open up new vistas. This led us, as I said earlier, to feel vindicated and satisfied, and we are conscious of the great responsibility which we are taking on now.”


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