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Statement of the Parliamentary Group of the KKE Concerning the Criminal Blockade of Cuba

The Parliamentary Group of the KKE issued the following statement, in response to the call of the national assembly of people’s power of Cuba and on the occasion of the discussion that will take place in the General Assembly of the UN of the motion concerning the lifting of the blockade on Cuba

On October 26th the General Assembly of the UN will discuss once again a draft resolution that demands the lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade that the US has imposed on the Cuban people since 1962.

It is the most severe and longstanding blockade in the history of humanity, a criminal policy that has caused immense damage (tens billions of dollars) to socialist Cuba and aims at the “strangulation” of the Cuban people and the satisfaction of the ambitions of the US.

Following the policy of all the previous US governments, the Obama administration extended in September 2010 the blockade which is implemented through the Trading with the Enemy Act as if Cuba was at war with the US. At the same time, it maintains the Foreign Aid Act of 1967, the Torricelli Act of 1992, and the Helms Barton Act of 1996 that internationalize the blockade.

At the same time, the US spends hundreds of million of dollars in order to finance counterrevolutionary groups, mercenary armies, NGOs and criminal organizations. Along with the EU and the media of the monopolies it props up an unprecedented propaganda campaign of lies, manipulation and ideological pressure. They ignore the almost unanimous decisions of the General Assembly of the UN on the blockade while their stance proves that in today’s world “international law” is merely the law of imperialist interests.

The attack against Cuba is an attack against the right of the peoples to determine their own future for themselves. It is part of the assault against the rights of the working people. It is in line with the anti-communist hysteria and the anti-democratic authoritarian regulations which are promoted in all the capitalist states.

The Greek government also bears a share of the responsibility. It supports the common position of the EU, the policy and the pressure that the EU exerts promoting the overthrow of socialism in Cuba.

The Cuban revolution has the support of the working people in our country, who witness an all-encompassing assault on their rights in the name of the crisis

The feelings of friendship and solidarity with the Cuban people should be translated into concrete activity for:

  • the lifting of the criminal blockade of the US
  • the abolition of the outrageous EU common position
  • for the immediate release of the 5 Cuban patriots
  • for the defense of socialism from the campaign of manipulation and distortion, from the ideological attack of imperialism
  • for the strengthening of the struggle against our common enemy, imperialism.

They should contribute to strengthening the fight against our common enemy, imperialism.

Athens, October 25, 2010

The Parliamentary Group of the KKE


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