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Anticommunism will not pass!

The immediate response of the communists of Greece to the “seminars” of anticommunism.

Protest and intervention of the organizations of the KKE and KNE at the Aristotle University at a speaker-meeting about the … “dictatorship” of the GDR using the archives of the Stasi.

An immediate response to the attempt to distort history and to label socialism as totalitarianism was given and will always be given by communists, especially when this rears its head in the schools and universities of our country, with the aim of influencing the consciousness of young people.

Within this framework, in the morning of the 13th of October members of the Thessalonica Students’ Organization of KNE and the University-Research Sectoral Branch of the KKE’s Party Organization of Thessalonica intervened in the meeting which took place in the Law Department of the Aristotle University of Thessalonica. The central speaker was Marianne Birthler, the German government official responsible for the documents of the State Security Service of the GDR. The theme of the lecture was “The study of the Stasi files, with reference to public opinion, International Law and politics”. The same speaker delivered another lecture on the same day at the Goethe Insitute in Thessalonica entitled “We remember-we do not forget- A study of the dictatorship of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, based on the files of the Stasi.”

The members of the KKE and KNE entered the lecture-hall in the Law Department, and unfurled two banners with the slogan “No to the falsification of history and anticommunism” written in both Greek and German and read out the statement of the University-Research Sectoral Branch of the KKE’s Party Organization of Thessalonica which condemned the content of the meeting.

In the statement which was read out and handed to the presidium off the meeting, the following comments were made “The archival policy and the use-abuse-of archival sources is inextricably linked to state policy ( with the assistance of scientists). And in the specific instance of the “Stasi Archives”, we are dealing with the state policy of the Federal Republic of Germany (FDR).

The “Archive” itself as well as the institutions which have organized today’s meeting (Goethe Institute, German Consulate ) represent different aspects of the same state policy, which have as their aim the slandering of the achievements and gains of the socialist German Democratic Republic (GDR).

The KKE does not cover up the mistakes that were made during the period of socialist construction in the GDR and in the other countries of Eastern Europe. On the contrary, over the past years it has studied and discussed the nature and extent of these mistakes, especially in relation to the USSR. Nevertheless, it considers the effort to identify the socialist countries solely with their secret services – their methods and abuses, to be consciously orchestrated. In this way they attempt to gloss over the labor, social and cultural gains of socialism which are not only impossible within the framework of capitalism – but are also considered undesirable by that system.

It is an orchestrated effort by the capitalists and their political and scientific representatives, various “scientific institutes”, who manufacture arguments to fit the bourgeois ideological construct “Totalitarianism”. Using this ideological construct, bourgeois political forces (Liberals, Social democrats, Greens, The Far-right, opportunists) have been attempting for years to shape an anticommunist institutional arsenal, through the Laws on terrorism, EU directives and the various anti-communist resolutions in the EU parliament or Council of Europe ( for example last week’s resolution). This anticommunist arsenal is increasingly necessary as the assault on the working class and the rights of the peoples of Europe is intensifying. As the crisis of the capitalist system sharpens so does the danger of the organized and class-oriented reaction of the peoples, with the communists in the vanguard, increases.”


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