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Statement of the Press Office concerning the agreements with China

The package of agreements that were signed between the Greek and Chinese governments which are a treasure trove for certain sections of the plutocracy and nothing more. The popular strata should not believe the government’s propaganda and the celebrations of the plutocracy.

The notorious Chinese investment plan of 5 billion is nothing more than a shot in the arm for the Greek ship owners by the Chinese government in order that they have hundreds of ships built in China, and that Greece becomes China’s stepping stone into Europe.

The concession of infrastructure, ports, railways, shipbuilding facilities to Chinese transnational corporations so that they can be used to transport goods, will create very few jobs in the face of the unemployment which the mass elimination of medium and small businesses will cause. The expansion and strengthening of the activity of transnational capital in vital areas of infrastructure has as a result even cheaper workers without labor rights, with wages at Chinese levels.

The big businessmen who control the olive oil exports will be the ones who profit from the export of this product to China and not the poor farmers whose position will continue to deteriorate.

The people must learn from this. Development which benefits big capital is the bearer of poverty and unemployment for the people. It undermines the productive capabilities of the country, and entangles it in dangerous inter-imperialist rivalries.

Athens 4/10/2010



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