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Joint nationwide demonstrations on 23rd September against increases in VAT, electricity rates and heating oil

The joint meeting of the Secretariats of All Workers’ Militant Front (PAME), Nationwide Antimonopoly Rally of the Self-employed and the small Tradesman (PASEVE), All Farmers’ Militant Rally (PASY), Greek Women Federation (OGE) and Students' Militant Front (MAS), that took place yesterday in Athens, has been a significant step for the joint action and the coordination of employees, owners of small businesses, tradesmen, self-employed, small and medium sized farmers, women and students.

The first joint action of the mass organizations that participate in this initiative is the organisation of nationwide demonstrations on 23 September. The core of these demonstrations is the resistance to the plans of the government to increase the price of heating oil, as well as VAT and electricity rates. The government of PASOK along with the EU and the IMF has launched a permanent barbaric attack against the working class in order to serve the needs of the capital.

PAME, PASEVE and PASY organise on Saturday 11 September another mass rally in Thessaloniki, the second largest city n Greece, on the occasion of the International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki, where the Prime Minister announces every year the new measures in economy, which in fact constitute a new round of anti-labour measures and regulations in favour of the monopolies.

“Only through the struggle for a totally different path of development, namely for the people’s power, can the employees, the self-employed and the poor farmers ensure stable and permanent work, decent wages, satisfaction of their nutritional needs, healthcare, leisure and entertainment, the emancipation of women, the rights of the youth” stressed the mass organizations that struggle against the monopolies’ power. Furthermore, on November 7th regional and local elections will take place in Greece. The lists of “People’s Rally”, which are supported by KKE, are headed by militant forces of PAME, PASY, PASEVE and MAS.


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