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What is going on with Israel and the S-300 missiles in Crete?

The MPs of KKE ask for clarifications about the involvement of the missile systems in maneuvers of the Israeli army.

The MPs of KKE addressed a question to the Defence and Foreign Ministers highlighting one more aspect of the dangerous political-military cooperation between Greece and Israel. The text of the question:

“According to sources, during the recent visit of the Israeli Prime Minister B. Netenyahu to Greece, the government of PASOK was asked to give Israel the S-300 missiles. These missiles were supposed to be in Cyprus but now they are stationed in Crete, in order to be used in the framework of an Israeli military maneuver so as the Israeli pilots develop methods for their disposal.

It seems that the recent joint Greek-Israeli maneuvers in Crete, which were condemned by KKE, were not enough for the Israeli pilots to be trained in the disposal of these missile systems. According to information, the government is thinking to accept the request of Israel”.

On this basis, the MPs of KKE ask the government: “does the government think of the danger that such an action entails for the Greek people and the peoples in the region, given that Israel demands the blockade against Iran and threatens with war? Does the government realize that it “plays with fire”, that such a decision would provoke not only the Arab people but also Russia from which these systems were bought?”


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