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B. Netenyahu, Prime minister of the “murderer-state”, Not welcome here.

Demonstration on the occasion of the visit of the Prime minister of Israel which took place yesterday afternoon in Athens

Workers and employees, peace-lovers, women and young people, responding to the call of the All-workers Militant Front (PAME), The Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace (EEDYE), The Women's Organisation of Greece (OGE), demonstrated on Monday 16/8 against the visit of the Prime minister of Israel to Greece, for the solidarity of the Greek people with the Palestinians and in condemnation of the imperialist role of Israel in the wider Middle-east region.

The class-oriented trade union movement, together with the General Union of Palestinian Workers and the General Union of Palestinian Students in Greece, at the rally outside the war museum which was followed by a march to the Israeli embassy, shouted “ The Prime minister of Israel is not wanted here,Condemn the imperialist criminals of Israel-USA-EU”, which was also written on the banner at the head of the demonstration.

The massive police presence provoked the immediate reaction of the organisers. The march continued with the slogans “ The peoples are not terrorists, NATO and the Israelis are”. On reaching the fortified Israeli embassy, the slogans became even louder.

A large delegation from the CC of the KKE was present at the demonstration. The KKE made the following statement concerning the visit of Netenyahu to Athens:

“The KKE calls on the people to express their intense condemnation of the visit of the Israeli Prime minister to our country, and the support which the Greek government lends to the aggressive-imperialist role of Israel against the peoples of the Middle East.

The Israeli Prime minister represents a state which continually commits crimes of oppression and murder against the Palestinian people, occupying its territories for decades. It plays a leading role in the imperialist plans, it organises military operations against the peoples of the region.

The government of the Social democratic party PASOK bears heavy responsibilities, continuing the policies of the Liberal party ND, for it not only supports Israel politically but is developing military cooperation including joint exercises and pacts”.


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