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Denouncement of the new anti-communist measures in Hungary

Press Release

The scaremongering of “bankruptcy” and the need to take new anti-people measures go hand in hand with the intensification of anticommunism

KKE condemns the historically inaccurate and provocative grotesque decision taken by the governmental majority in the Hungarian Parliament which equates the crimes of the German fascists and the Jewish Holocaust with the alleged “crimes of communism”. The resolution does not hesitate to penalize the different assessment of the historical facts, imposing penalties of imprisonment for 1-3 years to everyone who dares to deny in public the alleged “crimes” of communism.

The government of the liberal party Fidesz continues its anticommunist course serving the interests of the Hungarian plutocracy and encouraged by similar anticommunist actions of the EU, the Council of Europe and the other imperialist organisations. Thus, next to the legislation that outlaws the communist parties it now adds the criminal prosecution of those who do not accept the official (anti-communist) approach of historical facts.  

This development is provocative for the very historical truth as it equates socialism with the Holocaust of the Jews, although it is known that communists played a leading role in the defeat of fascism while the Red Army liberated hundreds of thousands of Jews from the Nazi concentration camps preventing in that way their otherwise inevitable physical extermination.

The people of Hungary, who face the same propaganda with the Greek people about the bankruptcy of the country, know that the government prepares new anti-people measures. This policy is inextricably linked with the intensification of anticommunism.

In their effort to “safeguard” their future, the bourgeoisie turn against the socialist past and the contribution of the socialist system while they do not hesitate to abandon their last pretexts about “freedom”, unveiling the true face of the bourgeois democracy, which is nothing but the dictatorship of the monopolies.

Nevertheless, their prosecutions, the bans of their governments and the bourgeois parties cannot stop social development. Our era is an era of transition from capitalism to socialism. The Communist ideas, the struggle for a different state power, for socialism-communism are more timely than ever. Anticommunism won’t pass.

We express our full solidarity with the Hungarian Workers’ Party and we demand the immediate stop of the anti-communist prosecutions and bans as well as the abolition of the resolutions against communists and the people’s movement in the EU member states.           

International Section of the CC of KKE


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