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Stop the joint maneuver with the Israeli air forces

The MPs of KKE Spyros Chalvatzis, Thanassis Pafilis, Liana Kaneli, Giorgos Marinos and Giorgos Mavrikos addressed a question to the Defence and Foreign Ministers protesting the joint air manoeuvres of the Greek and Israeli air forces.

The text of the question refers:

“In a period that the protests against the ongoing brutal violation of the rights Palestinian people escalate both in our country as well as internationally, while at the same time the threats of a military attack against Iran increase, the Greek and Israeli air forces will realize until 3rd June joint air maneuvers over Greek mainland, Crete, the Aegean and Ionian sea. As they openly admit these maneuvers are held in the framework of the preparation of the Israeli air forces for the bombing of targets in Iran. This dangerous development turns against the people of Iran and all the peoples in the region and is contrary to the will of our people. Furthermore, the Greek people have condemned a similar maneuver carried out in the period when ND was in the government”.

According to the above mentioned the MPs of KKE ask the government: what measures will it take so as to cancel this provocative maneuver that has nothing to do with the defense of the sovereignty of our country and constitutes an unacceptable direct aggressive action and active support of an aggressive action against states and people?


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