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Huge rally of KKE in Athens on 15 May 2010

The Saturday’s rally unfolded to a thrilling march

The rally of KKE held on Saturday May 15 at Pedion Areos Square was a thrilling red river of people. The slogans and the atmosphere of the rally reflected the determination of the whole people to resist, struggle, defend their rights and pave a new way through their class struggles. From the very first moment the nationwide rally of the party established itself as one of the most massive demonstrations held in Athens over the last years.

The impact of the rally, the message of tens of thousands communists, supporters, friends of the party and KNE, of people who cooperate with the party, of mass organisations of the people’s movement, intellectuals and artists who came from every corner of the country will have a multiplied effect in the next days.

It will have a special impact on the moments of responsibility which are about to come; for the daily workers’ and people’s struggles, for the improvement of their organization; for the tireless work of KKE and KNE for the formation of the front, the other path of development, the people’s power and economy, socialism.

The long distance and the tiredness did not prevent the people to participate in the rally. The blocks were so huge that it took them more than one hour to gather in the place where the rally was held. “KKE does not sign a statement of repentance for imperialism”, “come with us there is a solution”, “the winner must be the people not the monopolies”, “organization, alliance, people’s power” were the main slogans of the rally.

The mass rally and the march of KKE were covered by the “902” radio and TV station. The Greek bourgeois media (except from the state TV channel) sought to bury the rally and the march of KKE. The radio station “SKAI” reported in the news a demonstration of 30 people in Thessaloniki while it did not say a word about the one 100.000 protesters in the rally of KKE providing monumental bourgeois “information”.

On the other hand, “associated press” violated the truth talking about a demonstration of 6000 people.

It is obvious that the mass participation in the rally of KKE disturbed the bourgeoisie, the monopolies and their staff. Contrary to the Greek media several international media such as euronews and vesti referred to the rally of KKE (,

Here you can watch videos from the rally of KKE

The General Secretary of the CC of KKE, comrade Aleka Papariga stressed from the podium:

“The government is shamelessly lying when it claims that the measures will last for three or maximum four years. This system, which is rotten to the core, is not eternal. The people’s sacrifices will benefit the capitalists, the monopolies. And even if we assume that the Greek economy will soon exit from the cycle of the crisis and recover, things will be equally worse for the people.

The leadership of PASOK pushes us many years back; by posing to KKE the misleading, intimidating question “do you respect and obey the constitution or not” it prepares for new papers of “national loyalty”; It pursues to penalize the communist ideology, even the mere declaration and defense of socialism-communism. But this time it does not reckon an important factor namely the possibility of a people’s counterattack. But, who are those who talk about the respect of the constitution?

We declare once again, clearly, our firm self-evident orientation since 1918: to struggle at any cost not merely for the daily people’s problems, but also to convince the people that their future is socialism communism.

Constitution is the product of the balance of forces at each period. When the situation tends to be reactionary, then constitution changes to the worst. When there is a tendency for the balance of forces to be in favour of the people, then it can improve and become less blatant; and when the people win they will make their own constitution.

There has never been in history, neither will in the future, a bourgeois government, either an one-party government or a coalition government, which has not violated specific fundamental articles of its own constitution. People’s sovereignty is incompatible with capitalism.

When you defend constitution, you defend the right of the capitalists to exploit the wealth that the people produce, to possess the most important commodity, namely the labor force, the ability of man to work. You defend the supreme law, the law of surplus value.

The way out is identified with a new political choice that should be prepared distinctively through the processes of the movement and the social political alliance from the bottom up. The streams of resistance exist already; they must merge to a big precipitous river.

Nowadays, it is not enough the people to project a list of demands, appeals and requests. The demands, the goals of struggle, the concrete proposals should demonstrate the possibility to solve the people’s problems. However, they can acquire dynamics and be effective only if they are part of the strategy, of the struggle for the overthrow of monopolies, of the struggle for people’s power and economy, if they are linked with the alliance and the joint struggle with KKE, which does not presuppose the agreement with KKE’s perception on socialism, communism.

Nowadays, there are objective conditions that enable a different organisation of the society characterized by the decision of the people to transform the ownership of monopolies to social ownership.

New strike of PAME on Thursday 20 May

Communists will meet their friends again in the new strike of PAME on 20 May. Till then they will give their best for the biggest possible success of the strike.

Significant international participation

Angelo Alves, member of the Political Bureau of the Portuguese Communist Party, Erhan Nalchagi member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Turkey, Astor Garcia, member of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party of the People’s of Spain and David Para, representative of the National Council of the Workers’ Party of Belgium expressed in a storm of applauses and slogans their solidarity with the nationwide rally of KKE as well as with the struggles of the party and the class oriented trade union movement in Greece.

Generous internationalist solidarity

59 Communist and Workers’ parties from all over the world expressed their solidarity and sent messages of support to the struggle of KKE and the working class in Greece (below you can see the list of the parties)

In addition, a message of support and solidarity with KKE was sent by the 42 parties that participated in the International Communist Seminar of the Workers’ Party of Belgium, held at this weekend in Brussels.

Furthermore, the Labour Party (EMEP) collected signatures from 180 trade unionists supporting a text of support and solidarity with the struggle of KKE and the working people in Greece.

  • PADS, Algeria
  • Communist Party of Australia
  • Communist Party of Styria/Austria
  • Communist Party of Azerbaijan
  • Communist Party of Bangladesh
  • Communist Party of Belgium
  • Workers' Party of Belgium
  • Communist Party of Bolivia
  • Brazilian Communist Party
  • Communist Party of Brazil
  • Communist Party of Britain
  • New Communist Party of Britain
  • Communist Party of Bulgaria
  • Party of the Bulgarian Communists
  • Communist Party of Canada
  • Communist Party of Chile
  • Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia
  • AKEL, Cyprus
  • Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
  • Communist Party in Denmark
  • Communist Party of Denmark
  • Communist Party of Finland
  • French Communist Party
  • Pôle de Renaissance Communiste en France
  • Union des Révolutionnaires-Communistes de France
  • Communist Party of Macedonia
  • Unified Communist Party of Georgia
  • Hungarian Communist Workers' Party
  • Communist Party of India
  • Communist Party of India (M)
  • Tudeh Party of Iran
  • Communist Party of Ireland
  • The Workers' Party of Ireland
  • Communist Party of Israel
  • Communist Refoundation Party
  • Party of the Italian Communists
  • Jordanian Communist Party
  • Socialist Party of Latvia
  • Lebanese Communist Party
  • Communist Party of Luxembourg
  • Communist Party of Malta
  • Party of the Communists, Mexico
  • Popular Socialist Party of Mexico
  • New Communist Party of the Netherlands
  • Palestinian People's Party
  • Peruan Communist Party
  • Philippine Communist Party -PKP 1930
  • Communist Party of Poland
  • Portuguese Communist Party
  • Communist Party of Russian Federation
  • Communist Workers' Party of Russia - Revolutionary Party of Communists
  • New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  • Communist Party of Slovakia
  • Communist Party of Peoples of Spain
  • Communist Party of Spain
  • Communist Party of Sweden
  • Syrian Communist Party
  • Syrian Communist Party
  • Labour Party (EMEP), Turkey
  • Communist Party of Turkey


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