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New mobilizations of PAME

New Sit-ins of PAME against unemployment

Manifestation of PAME on April 8 against the harsh tax measures

PAME calls for a new 48hour strike on April 21-22

The PAME Committee against Unemployment has realised mobilisations with the participation of unemployed and workers. They have proceeded to a sit in at the building of Ministry of Labour in Athens and at buildings of the state organisation for employmentin big cities such as Thessaloniki and Volos, and organised a rally in Larissa demanding protection measures for the unemployed against the policy that funds the employers supposedly in order to create new jobs. The number of unemployed who are registered in the Manpower Employment Organisation of Greece(OAED) reached 766.159 on February 2010 (14,6% of the workforce), while is estimated an increase of over 20% due to the crisis. The real figure is bigger since many unemployed are not registered while according to the official statistics someone who has worked even one hour a week is not considered to be unemployed.

PAME demands for the unemployed:
  • Unemployment benefit equal to 80% of the minimum wage (1,400€) for the whole period of unemployment
  • Urgent economic aid of 1,000€ to all unemployed
  • Immediate freezing of loan payments of the unemployed
  • Health and pharmaceutical care without any conditions and prerequisites
  • Not to be interrupted the electricity, telephone and water supply
  • Recognition of the period of unemployment as pensionable period
  • Mass recruitment of personnel in the Health, Welfare and Education sector
  • Immediate reduction of working hours
  • Immediate registration and subsidising of the young people who begin to work
  • Permanent and stable job for all
This initiative was taken in view of the forthcoming demonstration of PAME on April 8 against the new harsh taxation of the working class and the other poor popular strata by the social-democrat government of PASOK.

The escalation of the class struggle is a one-way road. PAME calls upon the trade unions throughout the country to proceed on a 48hour strike on April 21-22. Workers, having the experience from the recent strikes, must take the responsibility and promote the decision to go on strike, and organise the struggle from bellow, in the workplaces. PAME calls upon the sectoral trade unions to organise the strike through general assemblies, meetings and initiatives of the struggle committees. The struggle can bring results if all workers united ignore the compromised leaderships of GSEE and ADEDY and regroup their forces with PAME, designating their own leaders in the workplaces.


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